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Looking To Reduce Your Dental Ads Budget By 15-20%?

There are a few different ways you can reduce your spend on your dental ads.

Why SEO and Google Ads go hand in hand?

With a global search market share of 88%, Google is a no brainer for dental practices seeking brand exposure and sales leads

Google Ads VS Facebook Ads - Which one works better for Dental Marketing?

As Digital Marketing Company for Dentists, we receive several calls from clients asking whether they should invest their money on

New GOOGLE special report hot off the press! 🔥🔥

Here is a special brand-new special report - Google Jan 2020 core update: where your dental website falls into what is known as YMYL – Your Money or Your Life.

How to Plan Keywords for your Dental Marketing?

Today’s trend is for businesses to go online. People search on the internet first before they make a decision whether to purchase a product or service.

When Can You Expect Results from SEO

Every time we introduce the concept of SEO marketing to our new client, the first question is how long before they get results? How long before they see a return

Geo Targeting Tips – Local Search Strategies to Gain New Patients

Healthcare professionals maintaining a local physical clinic have come to grasp the value of Local SEO to grow their practice. The need to thrive in the local community drives

Are You Struggling When It Comes to SEO in Dental Marketing?

You’ve heard it a million times - SEO is a must for digital marketing! There’s no doubt about the popularity of this marketing tool and its importance for your business.

5 Ways To Reach Your Ideal Patients Through 360° Dental Marketing

Dental Marketing is all about attracting new patients, converting them into regular patients and maximising profits. Is your practice bringing in new patients?

Are Paid Advertising Necessary for Medical Professionals?

Efficient marketing campaigns capitalize on various channels for advertising. Even though paid advertising costs more than owned or earned a promotion, paid forms

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