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Lapsed Patients

Use it or Lose It

It’s a busy time of the year for your patients and many dental practices notice a decrease in the number of bookings and appointments.

Lapsed Patients

Hidden Gems in your Lapsed Patient Database

Don’t you love it when you wear a pair of pants and find money there that you forgot about? Isn’t it a great feeling? Well, you can feel even greater by finding

Lapsed Patients

Don’t Leave Money on The Dental Chair

You might have frequently heard the quote –“The MORE you give, the MORE you get!” This equally applies to your dental practice. As a dentist, you may think, “I am already

Lapsed Patients

It's Time to Win Back Lapsed Patients

How hard do you think - is it to re-activate the patients, especially those who have been your great patients in the past? Surely, getting these patients on board is an easy

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