SEO Doesn’t Work

SEO doesn’t work…

SEO is a waste of money…

SEO cannot create impact for increasing patients and profits…

Yes, it surely is! But that’s only …if YOU RELY SOLELY ON SEO.

Being a Dental Marketing Advisor, I often get asked by dental business owners like “Hey Prabin, can you be able to rank these keywords on top of Google?”

Not just any key words, but the highly competitive keywords like – ‘Dentist in Melbourne CBD’, or Dentist in Sydney’, or ‘Dentist in Adelaide’, or ‘Dentist in Brisbane’.

Yes, this CAN be done! But there are certain ways to be followed.

In my work, I often find many dentists are not clear about what SEO really is and how it helps in generating more patients.

Let me share the basic concept:

There are mainly two ways:

  • Organic SEO
  • PPC

Organic SEO takes a bit of time, usually 6 months. The duration depends upon how competitive the keyword is. Google doesn’t charge for this but takes a generous amount of time and effort.

Another is Pay Per Click (PPC).  Your website / landing page appears on Google in exchange for certain charge.  Again, Google ranks as per your budget. As soon as your term of PPC is completed, or your allocated budget is used, your ad is automatically stopped and your page is almost not found.

See Why PPC can be very beneficial for dental professional? –

SEO certainly is a way to get new clients. However, it is NOT ONLY THE WAY!

There are number of other ways through which you can generate more patients for your dental practice, within a limited budget.

There are programs like SMS campaign, or EDM Campaign, or Referral Campaign.

In the above video, I’ve given you a simple example on how you can start your Referral Program – which is a proven, highly effective method to generate more patients.

Let me share my recent experience.

I was helping one of the dentists in Melbourne CBD. She had been in a locked-in contract with another SEO company. She, however, had not received any report within 5 months, whatsoever. When I analysed the situation, I could see her obvious frustration because of no significant quality leads was coming through.

And, her clinic was located in a medical center.

After analysing her situation, we knew she would have access to the medical center’s database.  Then we customised program to suit the needs.

We focused on providing value to the database contacts, by starting SMS campaign and a landing page to drive traffic.

We were then able to generate 3-5 patients a day, providing value to existing and new patients.

What I’m trying to say is it is not just about SEO, but seek out other new customised programs for your dental practice to generate more patients.

If you are really committed towards generating MORE patients, MORE revenue and MORE profits, let us have a chat. Give us a call at 1300 777 847 and our experts at 360 Dental Marketing can help you generate more traffic to your website and get more appointments.


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