Offline Marketing Success

Successful marketing is all about consistency, we integrate both online and offline marketing and work them together. These strategies will give you a stronger brand, more leads and sales from your marketing efforts.

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Offline Strategy

A well-defined 12 month’s action plan is a must for generating more leads. At 360º Dental Marketing, our specialised dental marketing consultants create a proven offline strategy to increase your patients flow within 90 days.


Events / Networking

Imagine meeting many people at a single place who might be in need of a dental service. We help you get involved in events, provide consultation on how and where you could find ideal patients and increase your revenue.


Direct mail

We help dentists like you to design offers that matter the most so that they are considered by your current patients and prospects. We make sure those offers are available at their doorsteps.


Print Advertising

Did you know that printed advertisements have a greater attention span from patients who are more likely to approach you for a consultation? We understand this and can help you to create and run more revenue generating print ads, flyers and brochures.


Booking Appointments

Having trouble attracting more patients? Focus on your practice, leave your appointment bookings to us. BOOK NOW!


Database clean up

Focus on excelling on what you do. Let us sort out your unmanaged database to add more value to your new and existing patients.



Become involved in events / clubs / communities where your patients and prospects are actively involved. At 360º Dental Marketing, we are committed to facilitate your involvement so that event attendees become regular and high paying patients.

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