Referrals Marketing Success

Prospects are more likely to trust referrals from their friends. We acknowledge this fact and will create a campaign for you to generate a consistent flow of referrals.

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Referrals Strategy

How would you feel if your new patients are already half assured about the service quality even before receiving it? We are here to assist you in making your patients want to refer you to their friends and family.


Print Advertising

Create a lasting impression from clients through printed advertisements. We specialise in producing your portfolio of print and digital, an important communication tool to your existing patients and prospects.


eDM Campaigns

Acqire direct entry into clients’ inboxes, communicate with them in the most cost effective way. Our purpose is to create more personalised email marketing campaigns, let your prospective patients understand your offers and seek them.


Social Media Referral Campaign

Studies show that referral marketing is one of the finest forms of marketing to drive sales and conversions. At 360º Dental Marketing, our social media consultants are committed to engage with your existing patients, add value, and share your brand story with their families and friends, tapping a chain of new patients.


Referral App

Use a Mobile App to build successful referral conversions that convert into increased patients flow. Let your patients find and get connected to you easily. Our focus is on creating a customised App making your patients’ life easy, educating them and referring you to their friends and family.


Referral SMS Campaign

Clients are more likely to open and respond to a SMS. At 360º Dental we focus integrating a SMS campaign with other marketing tools to guarantee your patients know what you have on offer to them.


Telesales ( Existing Clients and Prospects)

Stay in contact with your existing patients and prospects. We help you generate new leads and nurture the existing ones.

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