Attract lucrative patients with your very own dental agency

Imagine having an intelligence team at your fingertips that can create an entire cosmetic dental marketing campaign for you, using their years of experience, methodological insights, and savvy know-how. It’s possible with us.

An entire campaign suited to your practice

If you’re ready to start attracting the right kind of patients, then you absolutely need to work with us. Attracting high-quality leads for cosmetic dental services takes more than just running an ad and hoping for the best.

An entire campaign needs to be developed in order to see new cosmetics, implants and aligners enquiries each day.

Cosmetics, implants, aligners & orthodontics are gaining in popularity

Have you set up your marketing goals to align with the services that locals in your area are looking for? If not, don’t let your competition get the better of you. We can develop a marketing strategy that will increase the leads for each service. Our estimation? Over $500k revenue for your practice – off just the one dental service. Find out more!

Don’t miss out on stellar brand-building opportunities

Hosting a dental event can be one of the smartest investments you make as a dentist. Our highest C.I.A package offers end-to-end event management. We can run information sessions in your clinic or online.

What are the benefits for your practice?

Build your reputation within the dental health community

Create a one-to-many database (saving time, money and resources)

Generate a higher conversion rate

Build your reputation within the dental health community

Connect & collaborate with other industry professionals

Trust us for your marketing goals

Don’t run your campaigns blindly: as your trusted dental growth partners, we can help you grow your practice today. Reach new heights that you have only imagined with us by your side. Let’s get started on building your empire today.