Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions frequently asked by Dental Practice Owners.

360 Dental Marketing is a specialist Dental Marketing Agency in Australia. We understand every aspect of dental marketing & since 2007, we have helped hundreds of Australian dental practices with solutions and strategies for their online, offline and referral marketing. We assure our clients with:

  • Guaranteed quality leads 20 -30% more in just 90 days
  • Help you reduce your monthly marketing cost by 𝟏𝟓-𝟐𝟎%
  • A customised marketing plan with a proven, track record
  • Creating a flow of leads so you can focus on the business

Interested to know more about why 360 Dental Marketing is different than other dental marketing companies? Explore here.

We work with: 

  • New Dental Practices – With proven marketing solutions for more patients, more revenue and more profits.
  • 3+Years Dental Practice – Full-service marketing solutions with one goal in mind: to get you more patients while encouraging lapsed patients to return.
  • Corporate Dental Practice – Tailored marketing solutions designed to attract and retain new clients while they effortlessly refer new patients to your clinic.

At 360 Dental Marketing, we try to help our clients learn that they don’t sell goods and services, rather they sell solutions to problems. We share the same aspect as our clients; so, we have created a tailored marketing solution for making your life easy with a personalised marketing strategy to increase the prospect to patient sales progression.  You can read more about our services here.   

We believe in creating a higher value for you than the price we charge. Our pricing is based upon what it will take to get you the results you want & also on the package you choose. We can customise your marketing plan as per your requirements, so we have different tiers of pricing depending upon it.

An advantage of choosing us is that we implement marketing solution & strategies for your dental practice that can yield almost instant results. Being your trusted external marketing department, we guarantee you quality leads 20 -30% more in just 90 days. 

Many of our existing clients receive more than double the number of new patients every month. It’s fair to say that you can expect an increase of 5 – 10 new patients a month to start with and more to follow. See what some of our happy clients say about their results.

There are many services to get your practice noticed & to increase your number of patients. Most practices will need SEO, PPC, and website design as core services. Beyond that, which services are best for your practice depends on a few things, including your budget, your goals, your market area, and more.

We assure you that 360 Dental Marketing is the agency you can trust. 

Unlike other dental marketing agencies who work with you and along with your competitors, that’s a BIG NO for us. Once we are aligned with your dental practice, you can stay rest assured we don’t work along with your competitors. This means we are committed to helping you create your competitive advantage in your local area.

We make sure we work with full transparency with our clients. We generate weekly & monthly reports for you. Our on-demand team experts have attention to detail & excellent responsiveness. Our experts meet with you in – a person or virtually and update & discuss with you every aspect of your campaign result. From how many new patients leads have you received to your dental practice online presence & your dental practice’s progress. 

As a dentist, when it comes to choosing the right social networks, there are some factors to consider, from a target audience to how your content & practice goals fit within its framework. It’s great to start with platforms like Facebook & Instagram to promote your dental practice and gradually move to other social media platforms. 

Asking this question would be the same as asking if we should choose salt or pepper for cooking.

What it means is we should not think of digital platforms as competitors, where we must choose one over the other, but understand that they both complement each other and work as one in a digital marketing strategy. Find out more insights here. 

When it comes to SEO, you need to know that it won’t happen overnight, you can’t expect your website to jump to first position rankings the very day you implement SEO. 

Since SEO is broken down into tons of other sub-strategies & as a marketing agency, we need to explore more about your practice, targeted audience, and competitors. Only then we develop & implement strategies designed to deliver results for your dental practice. 

You must be aware that the method Google uses to rank website keeps on changes (even daily) which is why it’s impossible to guarantee a #1 ranking immediately. So, you should understand that this process takes time & you won’t see the difference right away. 

On the other hand, you should be careful if any marketing agency promises or guarantees your immediate top rankings in google because they’re making an impossible promise. Worst, they might be using underhanded techniques which may cause Google to penalise your site.

Remember, once this damage is done, it can take a long time to recover your site’s online reputation back. 

Once you submit your request for a free dental marketing consultation, one of our team members will get in touch with you within 24 hrs (usually, within an hour) to understand your needs in brief and set up a meeting with our dental marketing expert. 

During that initial consultation, we will be understanding deeper about your practice, your dental marketing needs and how we can be of service to you. 

If you are happy with our offer and wish to sign up, our team of dental marketing experts will start working for you. 

So, go ahead and book your no-obligation consultation. 

We believe that what gets measured gets improved. Therefore our team of dental marketing experts will report your weekly and monthly performance in detail and keep you and your team updated on a daily basis what we are and will be doing to help you build your brand and generate quality patients for both high-end and low-end treatments. 

We have a no lock in policy, which means our clients stay with us only if they see value in what we do for them. 

If you are not happy with your dental marketing service and results, you can simply call it quits anytime in alignment with your contract formalities.