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Effective Social Media Management

Discover a cost-effective way to get your ads in front of your potential patients with Facebook Ads. Lock in your targets and reach more local searchers according to their demographics, behaviours and interests.

Social Media is the New Business Card

Hands up who’s guilty of endlessly scrolling social media?

You – just like millions of others – are most likely addicted to Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and countless other platforms.

Let’s turn that addiction into something profitable.

That’s where we come in.

We can:

We’ll not only increase your clinic’s online presence, but we’ll make you look good too. After all, your social media account is the new business card.

Don’t just start the conversation…be the conversation

You might know social media management is essential to the success of your brand, but you might not know that it takes a lot more than just posting. It involves a proper strategy.
We can help you:

Choose the right content to be displayed in the right format

eg. photo, video, reel, carousel, or story

Design collateral that matches your clinic’s branding

Write captions that match your clinic’s personality

Research your competitors

With us, you can be a dynamic presence, not just a ‘set-and-forget’ passive user. And you’ll be talked about for all the right reasons.

Go viral. But in a good way.

While we live and breathe social media, we never post for the sake of posting.
No, we move with intention. We’ll work with you to support your overall marketing campaign to ensure your books are filled with keen, paying patients.

As your dental practice growth partner, we promise to:

1. Help with Content

Help your team take photos and videos that are aesthetically pleasing

2. Create Designs

Create high quality designs that are within your brand guidelines

3. Deliver Results

Provide results that matter, whether it’s website traffic, engagement or views

4.Be Compliant

Work within the AHPRA guidelines to ensure we are compliant.

5. Write Content

Write content that represents who you are as a dental practice.


Arrange stress-free, monthly check-ins with your team.

7. Dedicated Strategist

Provide a dedicated social media strategist that works with your entire relevant team.

Boost your clinic’s visibility, credibility and bookings

The future is now. So, keep up or fall behind. Let’s work together to build a strong relationship with your community. We’ll even create opportunities beyond social media with local businesses who can also promote you. 

Social media is all about having fun, and if you’re not enjoying yourself, you’re not doing it right.

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Some of the Social Media Marketing Projects That Energise Us

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