10 Key Tips Every Dental Practice Websites Need


We live in an era where potential new patient’s first impressions of your practice is being influenced by your website.

There are many details to consider when developing and designing a website. There are certain patterns and elements that are widely used by successful ones. The Internet has changed the way patients seek out a dentist.

Newly designed and receptive websites take advantage of current internet standards and technology to maximize search engine optimization (SEO) that yields better search results yielding in more patients.

  1. Check your website using different devices
    Not all internet consumers use the same device to view websites. It’s absolutely crucial that your website is optimized for mobile devices. Due to the fast paced technology, a wide range of gadgets are available to people for viewing web content. They come in different operating systems and more importantly, different sizes. Your website must be user friendly on all devices. Dental business websites need to use mobile optimization if they hope to stay competitive to attract new patients.
  2. Show your presence on multiple social sites
    Increasing your presence on multiple social sites accelerates social media evidence and gives you more visibility online to attract new patients to your clinic. Your current patients have the opportunity to share interesting articles, blogs or videos amongst their circle of friends and family. .
  3. Be clear on how your patients will benefit from you
    Excellent customer service creates a loyal customer for life. A dental website allows you to connect with a targeted audience. You need to be clear about the services you provide to your patients and how they benefit from your services.
  4. Make your contact details and location easily visible
    Create your website so that it is easy to find. Adding information such as your address, phone number and Google location map helps with search engine rankings and local searches. It is a simple way to make the right first impression with prospective patients as being helpful.
  5. Include more reviews and testimonials
    Most potential patients will read online reviews of their health care provider prior to making an appointment and are highly influenced by them. Testimonials show future clients that you have many people supporting your services. Great dental service encourages satisfied patients to post testimonials and reviews about your practice on social media for greater credibility.
  6. Add more graphics and make your websites lively
    Graphics and visual aesthetics enhances the information on a web page which helps to maintain a viewer’s interest and attention. It helps to communicate the ideas visually.
  7. Let patients reach to you 24/7
    A website helps potential patients to reach a dental practice through an initial enquiry which may lead them to make an appointment. It is a convenient way for patients to book an appointment using their preferred device.
  8. Reply to each enquiry promptly
    When a prospective patient is looking for some assistance, they generally want additional information or a resolution to a problem they are experiencing. Your prompt response to issues will determine whether they will want to use your service.
  9. Display your clinic and surroundings (photos, videos of clinic, team photos, waiting room photos, and equipment)
    First impression is crucial. Displaying your clinic and surroundings on your website through photos and videos is a cost effective way of displaying the level of expertise available in your clinic.
  10. Show your involvement in social events and charity functions
    Another way to make an impact with your business is to serve in your community. You can use this opportunity to help community members improve their oral health without necessarily coming to your practice. Volunteer your professional services to care for undeserved members in your community. Publicise your activities through social media utilizing photos or brief video clips showing your involvement and commitment.

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