5 Dental Implant Marketing Ideas for Better Results

Have you been feeling disheartened at how there just doesn’t seem to be enough people walking into your clinic, wanting dental implants? 

Perhaps, it’s time to take a look at your marketing strategies. 

But, if you’re confused about how to jump start your clinic to obtain better results, you can avoid the headache! At 360° Dental Marketing, we’ll lay it all down for you so it’s simple and clear. Marketing for your healthcare service should not have to be more complicated than it already is. 

How can I promote dental implant services?

1. Clearly segment your audience

To ensure that your marketing for dental implants is not swerving down the wrong track, it’s imperative to narrow down your target audience so that you are marketing to the right people. 

What do we mean by right people? 

Well, not everyone is going to want dental implants. It’s going to hurt your wallet in the long-term if you keep pitching your ads to people who probably won’t give a second thought to your services because they have no use for them. Instead, you can conserve your resources and segment your audience so that you market to a demographic that will most likely be in need of dental implants. 

That’s why, we recommend sitting down and contemplating carefully about who it is that your dental implant advertisements are going to pique the most interest in. Consider age, geographic location and why they may need dental implants in the first place. Could it be due to age, a sporting accident or another dental trauma incident? Once your audience has been narrowed down, your ads have a far greater chance of reeling in patients who need the services you’ve been promoting.

2. Spread the word of the proof

It’s essential to keep in mind that not everyone is aware of how dental implants can improve their situation. Oftentimes, a visual representation of how they work is far more effective than simply pushing the option of dental implants. This enables your audience to understand the significance of dental implants and whether they may help their situation. Before and after photos are incredibly effective at this. 

Think of it in this way. To see how effective braces or clear aligners are at straightening teeth, you would want to see a photo of someone’s teeth before and after they had the treatment, to notice the drastic difference. It’s one of the only ways of confirming the treatment works, in the eyes of the potential patient. 

Comparing a photo of a patient’s oral health before the dental implants procedure and after the procedure is essential in marketing their use and highlighting the obvious differences. 

It’s also important to post these before and after photos on every platform available – on your healthcare service’s social media platforms and websites so that they are easily accessible to your audience and can drive web traffic to them. 

Remember that you must ask for consent from your patients before using their photos for before and after comparisons!

3. Consider SEO friendly content

You want to increase your ranking on search engines so that your healthcare service comes up in results when people search for dental implants. To do this, you must consider any of the relevant keywords that the majority of people would search for, when looking for dental implants. Consider keywords in the body of your content, but also in any headings and subheadings you may have. 

Other ways to ensure your content is SEO friendly includes easier navigation (as leaving bread crumbs behind for whoever is going through your website is imperative!), quicker loading speed and increased security for your website to combat the bounce rate, which is when users spend little to no time on your website. Your website should also reflect what your service is all about so that people can get a feel of what you have to offer. 

4. Think from your patients’ perspective

A crucial component of dental implant marketing, or dental marketing in general, is that you must market to an audience through their problems, not through your services. This ties into segmenting your target audience. Attempt at brainstorming to whom dental implants would appeal to the most and also, why. 

Just as mentioned earlier, you can take into account age, accidents, incidents or emotional reasons. Marketing through the problems that can be relieved with dental implants can include advertisements that have discourse on missing teeth, problems with dentures, issues with chewing foods properly or even decreased self confidence. 

Aim to be educational with your content, conveying to your audience that certain complications they have may be solved with the help of dental implants, which in turn will lead them to your healthcare service. 

It’s also worth thinking about what may be stopping them from receiving dental implant treatment. Could it be their financial situation? Or is it social stigma? In this way, you can personalise ads even further, to compel people to check out the services you provide. 

5. Include paid ads

There is some competitive dental implants marketing in the digital world. If you want to catch up with them all, you have to match their level. And this includes investing in paid ads. 

Simply posting content or ads of your dental implant services through social media platforms or creating an impressive website and crossing your fingers, hoping they reach enough people is not the most effective way to increase the numbers of bookings for dental implants in your clinic. This is the organic method of marketing however, social media and search engines will display sponsored or paid ads first and foremost, which is far more effective for obtaining patient numbers, as these can target demographics and will be the first few results in search engines prompting more traffic to your websites or booking pages. 

With the help of our suggestions above,  you can take the next step to filling in your books with eager patients waiting for their dental implant procedures! 

Finding the marketing side a little difficult? Well, it doesn’t have to be your story with us, the team at 360° Dental Marketing. 
We take care of promoting your healthcare services so you can tend to your growing number of patients. For driven dental implant marketing that produces results like no other, contact 360° Dental Marketing.


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