5 Reasons Why Your Google Ads are Not Showing

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So, you’ve strategically invested in Google Ads, a platform with immense potential, and naturally, you’d expect to see your brand or practice dominate Google’s search results. However, if your ads are playing hide and seek, we’ll help you decipher why that might just be the case. If you partner with us at 360 Dental Marketing for your google ads needs, you can trust us to get your online presence taking over the digital space in your niche. 

  1. Location, Location, Location

This age-old mantra is not just specific to real estate, it rings true in the world of digital advertising as well. When targeting specific geographical zones, the ad’s visibility may vary based on where the search originates. For instance, if you’ve tailored your ad for audiences in Sydney, and you’re searching from Melbourne, you might not spot your ad. This is why it’s always important to consider the geographical settings of your campaign and verify its effectiveness within those bounds.

  1. No Match Found

Imagine being promised a delicious chocolate chip cookie and being bitterly disappointed with a raisin instead. That’s how users feel when there’s a misalignment between your ad and the landing page. The integrity of your advertising relies heavily on consistency. Ensure that your ad copy, visuals, and the promise made align seamlessly with the landing page content. At 360 Dental Marketing we can ensure that your practice’s landing page aligns perfectly with your google ads, as a result improving google’s quality score and making your display more effective. 

  1. Smart Bidding Strategies

The intricate world of Google’s algorithms is ever-evolving. With smart bidding, Google harnesses machine learning to optimise ad displays for conversions or conversion value. It’s not always about how many see your ad but who sees it. This is why it’s essential to tailor your ads to a specific audience, especially those with a history of conversions, which can be more profitable. However, if you feel this strategy is narrowing your audience too much, it might be time to revisit and make necessary adjustments. At 360 Dental Marketing, it’s our priority to ensure you’re getting the most out of your google ads and as part of our offering, we can help you find the perfect audience for you ads. 

  1. Unplanned Extravagance

It’s not just about how much you spend, but how wisely you invest. Diving into Google Ads without a clear, well-thought-out strategy is like sailing without a compass. You might end up pouring funds into ineffective keywords or targeting settings that don’t resonate with your audience. Regularly review and audit your campaigns, ensuring that every penny spent is propelling you towards your business goals.

  1. Penny Pinching

On the flip side, being overly cautious with your ad budget in a competitive market can also be detrimental. Google Ads is, at its core, a bidding system. If your competitors are consistently outbidding you, their ads might overshadow yours. Regularly monitor the competitive landscape and adjust your bids and budget to ensure your brand gets the visibility it deserves.

Decoding the Ideal Google Ads Budget

While we’ve touched upon the importance of budgeting, it’s equally crucial to have a method to the madness. Our deep dive into effective budgeting techniques, covered in last month’s newsletter, can be your guide.

Amplify Your Google Ads With 360 Dental Marketing

Not spotting your Google Ads doesn’t spell doom. Behind the scenes, a myriad of factors might be at play, orchestrating when and where your ad displays. The key is to stay informed, be agile in your strategies, and optimise continually.

If you’re keen on maximising the reach and resonance of your Google Ads, reach out to us for a  strategic blend of creativity and analytics. We’re here to elevate your campaigns, connect with us, and let’s craft some amazing google ads together. Contact us today at 1300 777 847 or visit our website for more information. 


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