7 Dental Agency Tips to Attract High-End Appointments

7 Dental Agency Tips to Attract High-End Appointments

So, you own an excellent dental practice and you’ve employed some top-notch dentists. The next step is self-promotion so that you can attract some serious high-end appointments! At 360° Dental Marketing, we follow seven simple steps to ensure you’re getting the most out of your dental website. If you’d like to speak with some serious dental marketing experts in Australia, check out our website so that we can get your website working for you!

In the meantime, let’s break down the seven essential elements of attracting high-end appointments online. Remember, your homepage can inform many first impressions. Here’s how you can make every single one of them count.

1. Show your credibility

Depending upon your location, there can be dental clinics on every corner. How can you convince prospective patients to choose your clinic over the others? The process of persuasion begins the moment someone happens upon your website or landing page. This is your time to showcase your credibility, so don’t hold back.

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What do we mean by ‘credibility’? We mean your point of difference—that which sets you apart from your competitors—as well as your skills and experience. Think of your website as your resume. What do you offer that other clinics don’t? Do you have any staff with impressive qualifications or work histories? Whatever will bring the ‘wow’ factor, ensure to list it on your website. Rattle off enough impressive points and you may just entice someone to book an appointment.

2. Choose the right images and videos

Choosing the right images and videos is harder than you may think. Sure, anyone can select stock images, but any dental agency in Australia would advise against this where possible.

Why? Stock images give the impression of an organisation hiding behind generic content. If there are no original images, they are not offering a genuine representation of the clinic—which is not conducive to building trust.

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When selecting images and videos, ensure that they represent your brand and values. They should also be high-quality—and ideally original. If you find yourself thinking, ‘I am a dentist, not a photographer,’ it may pay to hire a professional photographer for a day. Will this cost time and money? Yes. But think about how great your website will look in the long run. As any dental marketing expert in Australia will tell you, you need to spend money to make money. An attractive website full of original content will help you build third-party trust and attract high-end appointments!

3. Showcase your before & after shots

Speaking of photos, including before & after shots on your website can help your case. It provides photographic evidence that you can do what you claim to do. In dentistry, there isn’t a wealth of opportunity for before & after shots, and it can be tricky to choose the correct set of images. The truth of the matter is people don’t enjoy looking inside other people’s mouths, so the wrong visuals can serve as a deterrent.

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The best example we can think of is tooth whitening before & after shots. Placing a photo of beige-tinted teeth beside the pearly white improvement can emphasise how effective your teeth whitening services are. You could also use before & after shots in the case of teeth-straightening treatments, be these traditional braces or clear aligners. If you wish to show more graphic before & after shots—such as would be the case with veneers or severe plaque—be discreet and hide them from your homepage.

4. Outline your technology and tools

If you have the modern tools and technology to treat patients in a way that is more consistent, less time-consuming, and low-risk, they’ll want to hear about it on your website. For example, if you can provide same-day dental crown procedures thanks to your CEREC machine, be sure to mention this. If you have a CEREC machine, this can be a huge selling point as dental crown fittings can otherwise take about a fortnight. 

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The same goes for any other state-of-the-art systems you may host onsite. Whether it’s a Pola in-chair teeth whitening system or a Dental Monitoring system for easy orthodontic treatment, name-drop your top pieces of technology for patients’ peace of mind. Not only will your modern technology dazzle them over to your practice, but it will reassure patients that they will receive quality treatment and benefits.

5. Sell your point of difference

We touched on this in point 1, but it bears repeating. Your point of difference is that which sets you apart from the competition, and you should emphasise this where possible. You should also point out any unique selling points you may have in terms of your products or services. For example, if you offer veneers of porcelain or composite resin, ensure to describe both options. Some patients may prefer a specific material over another. Perhaps the selling point here is that you offer both options, unlike other clinics, which may just offer one.

6. List your payment options

With the rise of technology comes the rise of digital payment options. Technology is no longer a ‘young person’s’ game—in fact, we can class many adults as ‘digital natives’. To accommodate technology’s growing role in society, we need to keep ahead of the curve and offer varying payment methods. Perhaps the most well-known option is Afterpay.

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Whatever your payment options, ensure to list them on the website. This helps prospective patients to decide if your dental clinic will be right for them. (It also saves someone from calling reception to ask if you accept Afterpay.)

7. Include calls to action on each major page

Calls to action are more effective than you may realise. You can read a website back to front and become dazzled by its content. However, without a call to action, you may not feel quite as compelled to take action.

How is a call to action so effective? It typically follows a spiel and hits you when you’re feeling most motivated to take advantage of the services. Alternatively, it provides a convenient way to take action, removing the process of weaving through a website to access the Contact Us page.

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How can you incorporate calls to action? You can include links or contact buttons on your home page and other key pages. Disperse them with care—for example, they may be more effective following a full description of the services you offer. Contact buttons are an effective way to frame a call to action because—well, everyone wants to click the big, red* button.

*note that this is a figure of speech and the button doesn’t actually have to be red

And those are our seven best dental agency tips to attract high-end appointments. These simple additions to your website are easy enough to do and can make all the difference. If you’re after some dental marketing tips in Sydney—or a dental agency anywhere in Australia—visit 360° Dental Marketing’s website. We rank among the best dental marketing experts in Australia and we can use all these strategies and more to elevate your practice above the competition. 
Get in touch today and we’ll set you up to get the most out of your website. Here’s to impressing prospective patients, outshining the competition, and boosting those bookings!

Ready to build your brand and generate quality appointments?
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Ready to build your brand and generate quality appointments?

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