7 Dental Marketing Tips to Grow Your Practice


Opening a dental business is not as hard as getting patients to your practice.
If you are a dentist and running a dental practice, you know how difficult it can be to bring in new patients while nurturing the existing ones.

It doesn’t matter how great your dental practice is or how great the services you offer, it always comes down to the strategies you use to get your patients to engage with your business. It doesn’t mean having to spend thousands of dollars on marketing and advertising to grow your practice to attract new patients. Effective marketing strategies should be implemented to maximise profits from your dental profession.
We have 7 marketing tips to keep in mind.


1. List your dental practice in online directories

70% of people now check online regarding products or services provided before they actually visit a store. With an increase in online searches, it has become a necessity for dental practices to list their business in online directories so that they can be found easily. Google is the best place to list your business as 83% of online searches are done using Google. With over 11 million users, Facebook today is the most popular social media platform in Australia. Its important to list your business on Facebook.


2. Use bold headlines while marketing

Headlines definitely can be considered as the showstopper for any marketing ads. Avoid using your business logo or name to begin your ad, as not everyone will know your business. Always use bold and appealing headlines that will grab the attention of your prospective patients. While creating an ad, use a hot topic that will compel makes your patients to read more.


3. Include offers or referral discounts

People are always excited when they hear about offers. It is undoubtedly an excellent marketing idea if you are looking to attract and gain more patients. Offers such as a free check-up, teeth cleaning, teeth whitening or tooth removal. This gives your prospective patients a reason to visit your practice. Be sure to include a risk-free offer in your marketing strategies.
Referral discounts are also a great way to gain new patients. Discounts can be provided when a patient or an alliance refers them to your dental office.


4. Manage online reviews

Did you know that 84% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation?
63% of consumers use a search engine to read online reviews. Getting reviews on Google or any other social media page helps to increase your sales conversion. It’s a good idea to ask your patients to give your dental practice a review online.


5. Personalise your message


The best way you can engage your patients while creating a marketing campaign is by personalising your messages. It is necessary to have an in-depth understanding of your target market and your messages must uniquely speak to the audience you wish to engage.


6. Focus on your patients rather than your practice

The golden rule to gain more patients is to focus your marketing on the basis of your patients’ grievances and problems, rather than just promoting your services and products. Your patients will feel honoured if you consider their pain and disappointments and improve on the services accordingly.


7. Engage on social media

Social media has become the hot channel for every information. Whether it is fashion, food, health or dentistry, people are growing networks through social media platforms. It is highly recommended to engage on social media to grow your practice online and to increase visibility. However, just having a presence on social media is inadequate, it is crucial to build engagement on your channel otherwise it won’t be visible to your audiences. This can be achieved by boost engagements through interesting polls, asking questions providing tips or facts, or may be to include interesting pictures.

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