7 Essential Elements to Include in a Dental Website

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A well-crafted, professional dental website is crucial for the success of your practice. It can be the determining factor between visitors who book appointments and those who don’t. To achieve this, your website must be conversion-friendly, responsive, and visually appealing. This can take some time to cultivate, but with the right help you can ensure that your dentist website design is eye-catching enough to convert visitors into customers.

In this article, we’ve put together a list of seven things that you should always include in your dental clinic websites. This should be a website that both attracts and engages people so that they become patients and that means showing your practice at its best. Take a look below:

  1. An Engaging Home Page

The page that people first land on when they head to your website is going to create their very first impression of you. The challenge is that you only get about 3 seconds to engage someone to your site – and that definitely won’t feel like long enough to make the right impression. This is one of the most powerful pages on your professional dentist website, which means that you need to engage with the best web design agency Australia has to offer to help you!

Your homepage tells your visitors who you are as a practice and it tells people why they should choose your practice above others. Engagement matters and if you offer a negative first impression, the only clicks you’ll be getting is people going back a page or checking out the competition. Your call to action should be obvious and it should convey the action you would like the website visitor to take. Do you want people to book a consultation? Learn about your services? Check out your blog? Whichever action you value most should be the one displayed on the home page.

Dental website designed by 360 Dental Marketing

Alongside this, consider adding your social media buttons to your homepage. Engagement doesn’t just happen on the best dental clinic websites; social media matters if you want to continue the conversation. Potential patients will check out your clinic on social media, so adding your buttons will help to create conversations and encourage people to engage further.

Lastly, you should always include a short blurb about your clinic that summarises who you are and what you do. You should include trust items here: have you won any awards? Are you in the running for a second clinic any time soon? These are short, sharp details that patients will be looking for. It should include what you value and why someone should choose your clinic above all of the others in the area. The best performing dental clinic websites are those that make it simple to book an appointment and simple to get in touch. 

  1. An Easily Accessible Services Page

What is it that your dental clinic can offer that others cannot? Even the best web design agency Australia can offer can’t tell anyone that – only you can. This content has to come from you and your passion for what you do. You want to make a good impression and a part of that will be nestled in your ability to be more accessible. The services page is one of the most visited pages for any professional dental website, and this is because it’s the first place people will go to see whether it’s worth even looking into your clinic.

Your services pages should be utilised to efficiently and effectively advertise what you can do for patients. You can discuss your current offerings in terms that are easy to understand and – with the right dentist website design plan – easy to navigate. That means the pages should be easy to view and follow, and not buried within dropdown menu after dropdown menu. The best dental clinic websites are those that can educate their intended audience and find hope in their ability to smile again.

  1. Keeping Up with the Times with a Mobile Friendly Design

Nowadays, almost everyone has a mobile phone in their hands. Say, would you stay on a website when browsing on your phone, that isn’t designed for mobile phones? 

It’s imperative to keep the patience of your potential patients in mind. If a potential patient searches for dental services and your website pops up, only to reveal that it is inaccessible or poorly designed for mobile phones, you will lose your potential patient! You want to create a dental clinic website that runs smoothly and with as little hassle as possible to depict the professionalism of your dental clinic. 

  1. The Before & After

Pictures can tell an incredible story and as a professional dental website, you should be able to show that you get the results that prospective patients would be looking for. The best dental clinic websites are those that offer ‘smile galleries’ that show before and after images that can be compared for a variety of services. 

Snippet from a dental website designed by 360 Dental Marketing

A gallery of your work helps to show your dental clinic as an authority in what it can do. If people are looking for dental implants, showing the before and after images of other patients (with permission!) can cement a visitor into a patient with an appointment booked.

  1. Frequently Asked Questions

If you find that you are getting phone calls with the same questions over and over, it makes sense to have spread the FAQs across all the relevant parts of your dentist website design. This page should detail the top ten questions that you get from enquiries. 

You could include a button to FAQs on your home page and relevant service pages to really get visitors to feel comfortable and satisfied that their questions are answered before they pick up the phone. Moreover, it is an excellent way to rank for commonly googled questions related to dental treatments. 

  1. Educational Articles/Blogs

Content will always, always be King! You might not have a blog right now, but ensuring that you start putting ideas together will help to create authority with your clinic. Blogging can make it so much easier to turn up in the search engine results pages, and it helps to create conversation. 

You can link your blog to your social media pages, too, and you can ensure that you are providing valuable information about the latest and greatest procedures, technology and any specials that your clinic may be running.

  1. Contact Page

The last thing your dental website design should include is a Contact Us page. This should detail everything from your address (with a handy map!) to your telephone number. If you have a live chat option for questions, that should be here, too! 

An email or a form should also be included here so that people can easily contact you with any questions. Opening times of your clinic should appear alongside your map, too, so that you can provide up to date information that matters.

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