A Guide to Redesign Your Dental Website Without Losing SEO


We often have dentists ask us, “if I redesign my dental website, will I lose all of my previous SEO efforts?” and the answer is, yes, you can if you don’t do it properly. Here’s a brief look at some important ways to save your SEO efforts during a website redesign.

Audit Your Current Website

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The first step on your website design SEO checklist will help you gain a perspective on:

1. What needs to be improved/fixed about your existing website.

2. What are the high ranking areas that you shouldn’t change.

Tip: Download and backup the URL structure of your “old” website so you have the updated sitemap of your website.

Determine your SEO goals

As time goes on, search engine optimization (SEO) continues to evolve and become more complex. Since it’s an essential part of a digital marketing strategy, a lack of attention towards your SEO goals may harm your long-term marketing efforts.

If you want your dental practice to continue to see growth and success, it’s important to determine what SEO goals and strategies may help.

Some SEO goals may include making sure your website content is optimised to increase the amount of time visitors are on pages, and to increase the amount of conversions. There are many more SEO goals, so it’s a good idea to brainstorm what is most important to you and your dental practice.

Keep the URL Architecture Identical: Make Sure Your Test Website Is Not Being Indexed

You don’t want to take the risk of Google indexing your test website to add to the list of other things that could go wrong during the redesigning process

Check Your New Website for Broken Links

A crucial step in your website redesign is to make sure that your website developer does not leave any broken links.
While redesigning your website, it’s important that your website developer does not leave any broken links.

Refocus your content strategy: give your site a facelift

Some of the content on your website probably performs really well. It may get a lot of qualified traffic, and has a great conversion rate. But it’s just sitting there, wasting away, even though it has already proven it’s worth, while other content may be underperforming.

But there is a solution! By recycling the old content, you’ll be breathing new life into old pages, which can boost rankings.

Identify the posts you want to reuse, if you need help identifying these, analytics is the first place to look. You can easily see which pages are converting the best, bringing the most traffic, and earning the most amount of engagements. It’s crucial to think about what your potential patients will want to know about, and what content may just be taking up space.

Optimise your page speed

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Page speed is of a high importance. If you’re waiting forever for a page to load, what are you going to do? Probably leave the site and look for information elsewhere. 25% of people leave a website if the page takes more than 4 seconds to load, and a one-second delay results in a 16% customer satisfaction drop.

This should be something you consider from the beginning of your website redesign, and you will need to stress this as a priority to your developer.

We are here to help.

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