Benefits of Using Social Media Platforms For Dental Practice


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80% of people search for health-related topics online.

Social media is growing every single day and it’s growing at a rapid pace. People consider using internet for reaching out to their dentists. Also, they are turning to the internet to get answers regarding various oral health-related issues and solutions. By providing a strong online presence, one can become a source that people can rely on. It allows people across the world to connect relate, and communicate with each other effectively. Dentists rely on word-of-mouth marketing, now with social media, it has created that word-of-mouth. That’s why social media has become a powerful marketing tool for every business, including dental business.

Oral-B has more than 8 million Facebook fans, this certainly proves that people are shifting to social media to learn more about dental health and practices. Today, social media has become an important platform to help to generate more patients and build relationships. By using ads targeting in social media, potential patients get alert about the service and so they are more likely to come to your door.

1. Increased visibility

In today’s digital world, does your business even exist if it’s not available online? You should be really concerned if you are still relying on traditional marketing approach for your business. A user-friendly website and presence on social media is a must for today’s business to increase visibility. More traffic to your website and social media profiles means more incoming of new patients.

How convenient it would be for your patients if they can find your office location with a click of mouse? With an easier way to locate your dental practice, patients are more likely to come to your clinic.

2. Economical approach

Around 80% of Australians are present on social media now. With many of us checking social media more often, you can self-imagine how beneficial would it be if you can market your business through social media.

Social media marketing is undoubtedly a low-cost and effective way of advertising your business. You can reach thousands and millions of people at little or no cost at all. Moreover, getting associated with various social media is totally FREE. All that you require is to be able to leverage the tools and ways available to promote your dental services and products.

3. Increased credibility

People these days highly rely on the recommendations either provided by people online or through word-of-mouth, if they are looking to get a service for that particular business. They use the internet while searching for dental practice, they will definitely check out the website or social media profiles to get the information. Every bit of reinforcement helps in the decision-making of choosing a right dental home. Be it the photos and videos you have shared on social media, or about an exciting service, or the online reviews they will work together to build your credibility.

4. Strengthen patient-relationship

Using social media for your business means you are adding another line of communication to your patients. Some patients hesitate to ask oral health-related questions while at office and presence of such dental practice helps to build communication.

When you are providing value-giving information to your patients as tips on dental care, new updates and advances happening in dental care, facts about oral health, they will feel connected to your practice.

But make sure you pay attention to the way your patients respond to your social media activity and you can modify it accordingly to build a stronger relationship.

5. Nurture brand loyalty

A study shows that one of the ways to gain customer loyalty is through social media. Your patients might have various questions and they are more likely to question through social media platforms than just dropping by the physical location. And if you are able to respond to feedback and questions, it will strengthen patient loyalty. Doing this shows that you care about their well-being too hence, enhancing trust and staying loyal to your dental practice.

6. Cover larger audience

8 out of 10 people in Australia has a social networking profile today. Advertising through social media means you are able to cover a massive audience. Gone were the days where word-of-mouth plays an important role in dental marketing. Today, social media acts as word-of-mouth.

According to statistics, 81% of marketers confirmed that investing a minimum of one hour a day on social media marketing they gain maximum ROI in 2023.

Social media is indeed a great way to boost your dental practice. It is getting even more crucial in today’s era and you definitely would not want to lag behind your competitors.

Are you still confused about what you should be posting and how do you manage time for social media marketing?

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