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    “If you’re in the business of dentistry, and you’re looking for dental marketing experts, there is many people you can talk to but, top of the list I would say, you really need to talk to Prabin from 360° Dental Marketing because I think he’ll open your eyes, to a whole world that you probably don’t understand”

    Dr. Michael Sernik- Founder and President of Chanel D

    “Ever since we partnered with 360° Dental Marketing, we have been getting double the phone calls and more new patients coming in through the door. It’s been getting very busy for us”

    Michelle Lipscombe- Parramatta Dental Group.

    “In the last 6 months our list of new patients went from 260 to 503 new patients. Now, we are the place to go in our community. Not only do they help with marketing they also give other advice on how to build the brand”.

    Dr Lakshmi Morisetty- Comfort Dental Care/ Smiles Nambour

    “I haven’t yet started the monthly SEO but still the way this system is built, it’s like a lead magnet attracting enquiries like never before, even without any marketing efforts. It’s amazing how they always deliver more than promised! 110% Satisfied!”

    Dr Girish Basvaraj- Multi Site Practice Owner

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