Dental SEO Logic: Aim for More Than Just One Suburb

Here at 360 Dental Marketing, one of the biggest challenges many of our clients face is outranking their competitors. More often than not, your dental practice won’t be the only one in town – so how do you rank alongside your local competitors? Our dental SEO agency can help your business grow, and it’s all about location and keywords!

Don’t take part in a race that’s already been won

If you were to search ‘dental clinic East Melbourne’, Google returns ten pages of business places. However, if you search ‘dental clinic near Richmond’, Google returns only seven pages of results. Which search query do you think your business would have a better chance of ranking higher in?

Your business is likely not the oldest dental practice in your suburb, and there are likely clinics years ahead of yours in the SEO game. So rather than trying to rank #1 just in your local suburb – branch out. You might find that by targeting audiences who are searching for dental clinics in nearby areas, you will rank higher across more suburbs. Outrank your competition, by ranking where there is less competition.

Creating separate suburb pages will increase your SEO ranking

You don’t just want to reach customers living in your location, you also want to reach potential customers in neighbouring suburbs. Creating pages for surrounding suburbs is a fantastic search engine optimization technique, but don’t take shortcuts. You need to create unique content for each page. Google penalises duplicate content and rewards unique content, and here at 360 Dental Marketing, we know how best to improve your dental seo in Australia.

Google dislikes ‘Doorway’ pages and we do too. 

Doorway pages are made simply for the manipulation of search engine results, with no real value to the site-visitors and exist only to acquire traffic. Here at 360 Dental, we want to not only draw people to your business’ website, we want to give them relevant information to their initial query. Your business is useful to real people who live in the surrounding suburbs, and your online website should tell them so. We can help write SEO content that enables your business to not only rank highly in search engines, but also stay there, without the fear of being flagged as a Doorway page.

Don’t just stop there! 

Don’t limit your ranking by stopping there, incorporate your services! Show site-visitors what services you offer in their neighbouring suburb. You’re not just a ‘Dentist near Richmond’, you offer ‘Cosmetic Dentistry near Richmond’. 

We are here to help

Our Dental SEO agency is well versed in the best ways to advance your practice’s SEO, whilst remaining AHPRA compliant. 360 Dental Marketing offers dental marketing across Australia, in Melbourne, Queensland, Adelaide, and Sydney. 360 Dental is a dental SEO agency that can help take your dental practice to new limits, by helping your business rank higher in search results, and reach more potential patients!

Give us a call on 1300 777 847 or contact us via our website and we can discuss your next steps obligation-free. Let’s give your practice the google ranking it deserves!


We guarantee an increase in appointments in just three months


We work with dentists in more than three major cities in Australia


We help you to rank #1 on Google by doing compreshive keyword research and a throuch SEO audit

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