Don’t Leave Money on The Dental Chair


You might have frequently heard the quote –

“The MORE you give, the MORE you get!”

This equally applies to your dental practice.

As a dentist, you may think, “I am already working hard to provide best treatment and experience for my patients. My efforts focus on bringing in new bookings and filling my chair.”

However… is there something extra to encourage your patients to return every time they need a dentist, from regular teeth cleaning to a severe periodontal disease? Is it easy for your patients to recommend their friends and colleagues to use your services?

Often, dentists are so focused on generating new leads, new patients that they lose sight of what they already have.

Fact: Research indicates that an average company loses between 20-40% of its customer every year.

This means you clearly are leaving 20% – 40% of your profits right there on the dental chair when you don’t reactivate your existing patients.

If your practice has a list of lapsed patients, you’re sitting on a GOLD MINE and doing nothing to monetise that gold!

dental chair

Your lapsed patients, with whom you’ve already built trust, would they not feel comfortable to visit your clinic whenever they need dental service?

Fact: There’s 20-40% probability of successful selling to lapsed clients, and only 5-20% probability for new prospects.

All you have to do is reactivate those lapsed patients, make maximum utilisation of your database.

So, the question is…are you making the most out of your database?

Here are few campaigns to get you instantly started:

  1. Referral Campaign
  2. Gift Voucher Campaign
  3. SMS Campaign

At 360° Dental Marketing, we focus on not just driving NEW patients but also re-engaging with lapsed patients quickly and easily.

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