Google Ads FAQs for Dental Practice During the COVID-19

With all that has happened in the last couple of months, dental practice owners have been facing uncertainties and dilemmas regarding their Google Ads Campaign.

The most commonly asked questions are:

  1. Should we just bring Google Ads campaign to a halt altogether and be in a wait-and-see position until the storm passes?
  2. Should we continue with the same Google Ads strategy as before and not listen to the context around us?

In this short blog post, we will share some thoughts on the matter and how we have been working with our dental clients to power through the storm and focus on answering these two questions.

To answer these two queries and other several marketing-related queries that you may have, you will need to ask yourself:

“Can I continue to offer my services/products during the crisis at hand?”

For this first question, the answer in most cases would probably be “YES”.

In a sense, the change in context produced by this new situation is not so different from every other change we used to face before the COVID-19. The primary difference, in this case, was the fact that it was unknown to us and the magnitude of its effects.

What this means is that when working on your Digital Marketing strategy, our job is to always have a look at the context in which your practice is operating at the given situation, the level of restrictions in place, and work on ways to get the most out of your campaigns.

Let’s take large retailers for example when restrictions started being put into effect, large companies understood that a lot of people would start spending more time on screens and that could be an advantage point for digital marketing.

The numbers show an 80% increase in internet usage in the country. Australia went from using 5 terabits per second up to 9 per second (4 terabit increase).

This takes us to the second question:

“Should we continue doing things as before?”


We should take a look at the context we’re in and adapt our strategy to work in the situation your practice is facing, which is something that we need to do in any type of change: THINK-ADAPT-TEST.

These couple of lines were just some thoughts on how to act during the Game-Changing crisis, and the best go-to strategy would not freeze all your business activities, but rather evolve with these changes.

THINK how you can make the most of the situation.

ADAPT your strategy to that new context. And,

TEST the results, to see if your plan is working.

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