Hidden Gems in your Lapsed Patient Database

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Don’t you love it when you wear a pair of pants and find money there that you forgot about? Isn’t it a great feeling? Well, you can feel even greater by finding hidden opportunities from your lapsed patient database!

Almost every dental marketing strategy is built around attracting new patients.

It is understandable.

However, we are often so much occupied with new prospects that we lose sight of what we already have.

We’ve across many dental practices who have been in business for more than 3 – 5 years. If you belong to this group, we are assuming that you do have a substantial number of patients in your database. And there’s a good chance that about 50% from that list haven’t visited your clinic since past 18+ months.

We often forget that

“Business is within the business”

If you are looking for ways to attract more appointments and more profits, perhaps the best practice is to start your search inside your database.

The truth is there’s plenty of opportunities where you can either reconnect with your lapsed patients or upsell your servicers, yet most of the dentists spend so little time in looking out for such opportunities.

Chances are you are sitting on a GOLDMINE of opportunity, but just haven’t tapped it.

There are several strategies you can easily implement to entice these lapsed patients back to your clinic.

To find out, click on below video:

Your Hidden Treasure

A study by the Harvard Business Review mentions that finding a new client is anywhere between 5 to 25 times more expensive than retaining a new one. This makes sense since a patient who have dealt with you in the past already knows what to expect. The relationship is already there. It is now your turn to make a move and work on that relationship.

Build a Campaign

Using what you found on your patient database, you can now build a campaign to harvest these hidden gems. Filter the names of those who you would want to contact based on when their last visit was.
You can take into consideration their last procedure as well. There are procedures that require the patient to come back in earlier than 18 months.

Your patient database has a lot of opportunities right there, just waiting to be found.

You just have to know how to optimise them.

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