Hiring a non dental website company in Australia? Here are the things to look out for.

Whether you are a new dental practice, or an existing clinic with a need for a refresh, you might be looking at hiring a new dental website development team in Australia. If you are tossing up between hiring a standard web design company or a dental specific website design and marketing agency, we want to give you a heads up: there are pitfalls that come with not working with the experts!

360 Dental Marketing should be your choice for your dental website design in Australia, and we are here to tell you why: 

1. We know AHPRA

Can you trust a standard web design company to ensure your content follows AHPRA’s guidelines? Can you trust that AHPRA guidelines are even on their radar? Dental website design in Australia is a balancing act and standard marketing and design strategies don’t always work in our world. We often see mistakes that are clear AHPRA No-Nos and easily avoidable, such as proudly displaying testimonials, and incorrectly using the word ‘specialist’. Hiring a dental website development team in Australia will help put you at ease, knowing that you can rely on 360 DM because we know AHPRA!

2. We offer accuracy 

You won’t believe it, but we have seen a child’s photo used for a wisdom tooth extraction service page! Non-dental website developers in Australia don’t understand what your business does or who you are. Your website should be designed to provide accurate and clear information about your services to build trust. Anyone can write content with a few keywords and a title, but will it be accurate and engaging? If people aren’t engaged in your content, or are finding your website difficult to navigate due to misleading information, why would they book with you? We provide design and content that accurately reflects your services and your practice. 

3. We know what works and what doesn’t 

Many marketing strategies are universal, but to set your practice apart from competition, you need a team who understands what strategies are effective for your dental practice. Put simply, non-dental marketing agencies don’t know what works well. At 360 Dental Marketing, we know what does and doesn’t attract and convert patients. 

4. We understand your competitors

Not only do we understand dentistry, we understand your competitors! Dental website design in Australia is becoming more and more important to the success of your practice. A good online presence can make or break your dental clinic, and you need to stand out from the crowd. Non-dental website companies often struggle to see what strategies your competitors are undertaking, and whether or not they are working. 360 DM can offer insight into your competition, with a team of dental-specific website designers in Australia!

5. We speak your language! 

Non-dental marketing agencies are not well-versed in dentist language. You shouldn’t have to explain your dental services, over and over again. You shouldn’t need to explain the difference between veneers and dentures, or Invisalign and clear aligners! Especially to your dental website design team. At 360 DM, our team understands dentistry, we specialise in dental website design in Australia.

Your website is a part of your business image, so don’t let your web design team choice let you down. 360 Dental Marketing are the dental website experts for all of your website development needs across Australia! Contact us today to speak with our team.


We guarantee an increase in appointments in just three months


We work with dentists in more than three major cities in Australia


We help you to rank #1 on Google by doing compreshive keyword research and a throuch SEO audit

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