How CRM can help grow your dental practice

One thing all dentists agree to is that they are time poor.

And this is even true if you are a dentist as well as a practice owner / manager.

It must be a real drain when you have to think about your appointments for the day plus about the ways to simplify the operational process – both at the same time. And, if you are spending most of your time on the same day-to-day task, it leaves you with a very less time to think about new opportunities.

CRM system is made exactly for this purpose, to make your life easier

Whether you are looking for better database management,  manage your marketing activities,  stocktaking, efficient operation, get better patient insights, or reduce costs and increase efficiency – a CRM can do it all for you.

Here’s how CRM can give your dental practice a better edge:

1. Increased Appointments:

A CRM is designed to capture leads from all your marketing channels, and nurture them effectively.

This means, if a prospect enquires about a dental service by filling out the form on your website or landing page, or interacts with your social media and ads, their information will automatically be captured and recorded on your database.Gone are those days when you and your team had to manually record all the patient information on too many Spread sheets.

Not just this, it gets even better.

After a prospect is recorded as lead in your system, your automated system will keep on nurturing the prospect till s/he books an appointment with your practice. A well-designed dental marketing funnel system can take care of it all.

And it doesn’t stop there!

The system keeps on nurturing your existing and lapsed patients so that you are always their obvious choice for further dental treatment.

At 360° Dental Marketing, we focus on not just driving new patients to your dental practice, but also help you uncover the goldmine lying within your existing and lapsed patients. As a result, you can see about 13% increment in your number of appointments within just 3 weeks!

2. Avoid Slow Response:

With well designed dental CRM system, you can say goodbye to routine tasks and focus on improvising response rates.

CRM systems allow you to address your potential and existing customers by their name. Also when you know which type of patient you are addressing to would significantly help you tailor the content of your messages and grab patient’s attention.

CRM solutions will help your dental marketing to focus more on the customers and their needs.

3. Avoid time consuming repetitive process:

With less time and a pile of tasks to look after most of the times we tend to lose sight on which task to set as a priority. Our time is consumed mostly by manual and repetitive task which we wish we could spend more on productive aspects.

Good News! Having CRM in your system can save your time, eliminate human error and recover hours lost to manual, repetitive tasks.

4. Better dental marketing:

Now-a-days patients are literally bombarded with all sorts of messages and offers that spring out from every corner. With the rapid boom of modern technology and spread of social media channels, patients know what they want. They have wide choices to choose from, which is why they demand personalised and diverse ways of engaging with the services.

You would be glad to know that CRM has the right package to create better marketing campaigns for your dental practice. It helps to shift through contacts and target potentially profitable patients. Mainly it gathers information on patient’s behaviour and their preferences, which allow you to take actions, increase the number of patients and efficiency of your service.

5. 360° View:

CRM is game changer software which is combined with powerful features. It will look after your dental marketing as a whole. Helping you determine who your best patient are, what service they seek from your practice so you could also create more personalized marketing messages to attract patients.

While using CRM for your system you could also track your interaction with the patients, check how marketing efforts are working to keep your new, existing and lapsed patients on track. All in all, 360° view in a single platform.

6. Better Insights:

Having CRM can enhance your dental marketing by providing better business insights as everything is in one system.  From business financial accounts, Google analytics, social media ads analytics, KPIs to other vital details for measuring operational effectiveness. CRM has everything you could explore to build up the efficiency of your dental practice.

This will result in a better customer experience, higher levels of engagement, and increased customer loyalty.                    

7. Better management:

Forget about the hassle of having to manage marketing while being time constraint. Using CRM for your system helps you to design, budget and track all your advertisement campaigns, all from a single interface.

You can finally stop worrying about mismanagement as CRM will help you improve your team’s workflow. CRM provides a contact database and it’s easy to centralise your actions, but it also makes it easy for you to slice and dice the data into meaningful insight. CRM helps make your life easier so you could make your patients life much easier.

To know more how a CRM can possibly benefit your dental practice and choose the best suited system for your current needs.

At 360° Dental Marketing, we can help you choose your options today!  Book your 30-Minute FREE Consultation.


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