How to Avoid Top 7 Dental Marketing Mistakes Immediately


Good marketing is what differentiates between a highly profitable dental practice and one which simply only helps in paying the bills. One should always be aware about the pitfalls while marketing dental practice. Here are the top 7 dental marketing mistakes to avoid.

1.  Lack of a proper web presence

Probably the worst mistake is not having a suitable website or an outdated website. Your rankings on Google will plummet as ranking algorithms take relevance and updated content is taken into account when establishing search engine rankings. In the same way, your trust with your patients will decline. Such website doesn’t attract quality patients. Patients are looking for signals to attract them to try your services and trust your expertise.

2. Not asking for patient feedback and referrals

After giving service to your patients, don’t forget to ask them for feedback or reviews on the service you have given them. This is invaluable as you are able to focus on which areas that require or need improvement to achieve a high level of patient satisfaction.

Word of mouth is the most powerful marketing tool and it can work either to your benefit or detriment. Utilizing the referral programs is a surefire way to spread a positive word of mouth experience about your brand. Without the help of patient reviews and referrals, you would never know the views of your patients, or have any idea if there are any issues.

3. Not using the benefits of email marketing

Dental patients are an excellent source for creating additional revenue for your practice. Utilising email marketing helps your dental practice as it informs patients of the services you offer, provides information on proper oral health, reminds them of a special promotion and makes it easier to ask for referrals. Similarly, more emails are read on mobile devices than on desktops. So make your newsletters and messages mobile compatible which can increase your subscribers.

4. Ignoring your existing patients

Never take your existing patients for granted. Ask them how they found you and ask them for suggestions that can improve your clinic. As a result, you are undoubtedly going to have regular patients and being able to give them a gift such as a free treatment for their continued support.  This will increase your level of trust. It will also help your brand by offering personalised promotional gifts to your patients.

5. Boring Posts

Sharing photos of your clinic, your staff at work, humorous memes or other images have been proven to get more likes and shares than plain text posts. Post videos on social media, such as demonstrating the proper way to floss, or how to brush your teeth with braces on.  Social media can display the personalities of people who work in your practice. Create holiday-themed posts or share inspirational quotes. Use social media to convey the family environment that you have in your office and remember it’s all about building relationships. Using Social Media for Dental practice has proven very beneficial due to digitalisation.

6. Ignoring the competition

To stay ahead of your competition, pay attention to their marketing practices and what they are doing with their content, originality and how they are appearing to be gaining the competitive edge. Then you will have the opportunity to meet and exceed their efforts. Knowing what your competitors are up to when it comes to online marketing can definitely inform your choices concerning your own marketing strategies.

7. Expecting overnight results

When it comes to online marketing, expecting a quick result is the biggest mistake you can make. With the exception of paid advertising like Google AdWords and Facebook Ads, there are no overnight digital marketing solutions. Social media marketing, SEO, and email marketing take time to upgrade. Besides, long-term marketing can give you quality and long-lasting results that steadily grow your practice over time.

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