How to Identify Your Target Market?

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How to Identify Your Target Market?

What makes you unique from other dental practices and why patients should choose you.
To identify your “TARGET MARKET’, these are the questions you should be considering.
Suppose, you are a dentist specialising on Orthodontia (concerned with righting misaligned teeth, jaw bones), your prime target would be the youth. Or, perhaps you wish to target patients in Melbourne or any other specific location who may need out of hours services Whatever your purpose a clear goal is essential.

Not everyone wants to buy what you are selling.

Before promoting your dental practice, take some time to research your ideal patients, your major competitors, and most importantly the demographics. Once you define your target market, it will be a easier to initiate a strategy that resonates with your ideals.

Consider these points to define your target market:


Research your ideal patients


Clearly identify your ideal patient and how you will reach them.

Start with reviewing your own current patients.

Find out why your patients choose your services and what makes your service unique what matters to them. These key steps will identify your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) and develop your ideal target market.


Analyse your service

Your unique service is what differentiates you from others. Make a list of your USP and think how you can target your ideal patients. For example, let’s suppose your USP is providing dental services in Melbourne, then your eliminate other places in Australia from your target audience right away.

Bird’s eye view on your competitors

The second step to consider is to be aware of your competitors on what they are doing and who, where, and how are they targeting. This allows you to target specific areas.


Choose your demographics

Take into consideration the age of your ideal patients, gender, income, location, occupation and lifestyle. Most people will need the services of a dentist at some stage.


For example, a person who is involved in a modelling career will more than likely want their teeth to be in good shape and represents an ideal area to target.

Today, a well-defined target market is crucial to reach your ideal patients in which to determine where and how to market your service. 
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