How To Improve Your Company’s SEO Score

How To Improve Your Company 039 S Seo Score Big

You can implement measures to improve your business or dental practice’s SEO score as soon as today. What’s important is that you monitor the different techniques you try out and learn as you go because the search engine algorithms are always changing. As a starting point, here are some simple things you can do to increase your SEO ranking.

1. Get Help From SEO Experts

If you’re already glazing over terms like “SEO ranking” and “search engine algorithms” in the introduction above, the rest of these tips will not be easy to engage with. SEO strategy takes a lot of time and continuous research. It is very common for businesses to get professional support. Whether you are interested in outsourcing your business’ digital marketing entirely or want to go over your company’s SEO score one-on-one with an expert, reach out to a Melbourne full-service dental marketing agency.

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2. Understand your patients’ online journey

In order to get to the keyword research stage, you need to have some understanding of how patients engage with your business or practice online and what new patients are using search engines for. Consider what dental patients are looking up online, is it:

  • Certain symptoms being which lead to getting dental help?
  • Types of treatments and procedures?
  • Payment information on bulk-billing, plans or preferred health providers?
  • Local options in dental and orthodontics care?

This can help inform not just your keywords but your web presence overall so that you can best meet your patients’ needs and help people in need find the right help.

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3. Refresh your pages regularly

Inactivity is a mistake made by many businesses and practices. Simply keeping your website and socials up to date, removing old or outdated content and adding new content can encourage new visits to your pages and make a significant difference to your SEO ranking. By checking your website regularly, you can also quickly flag and troubleshoot issues like broken links or pages which are not only detrimental to the user experience but also your SEO ranking – this is a metric Google refers to as Page Experience.

These points will help you form a base for your SEO strategy but be mindful that there are endless techniques and strategies out there. Search engines are always changing and growing and in turn, so are the metrics that determine what ends up on a Search Engine Results Page (SERP). If you wish to learn more about using SEO and digital marketing for your business or practice, consult 360° Dental Marketing.  It is Sydney-based online marketing and SEO firm for dentists. They help their clients to grow their practices by 20-30% and specialize in generating more leads. Do get in touch with us for further information.


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