How To Use Your Team To Help Grow Your Practice More Effectively

When it comes to growing your practice, you may look at external marketing strategies which are highly effective, but it’s important not to overlook how you can improve your practice internally.

By looking internally to grow your practice you are growing in a qualitative way rather than a quantitative one. By growing in a qualitative way, you will see your practice communicating better with your patients and therefore your patients having a more positive experience at your practice which means better retention rates and referrals.

Dr. Michael Sernik is The Dental Communications Guru and The Founder of Channel D. In the video below he joins Prabin in discussing how you can leverage your practice by improving your practice internally:

Here are 3 tips to increase productivity at your practice internally:

 1. Improve your telephone communication

Most new and existing patients will communicate with your practice via a phone call and therefore how your team members answer the phone and interact with patients over the phone can leave a lasting impression.

You want to train your team how to answer the phone properly and how to handle issues and problems over the phone if you want to convert phone calls to appointments.

 2. Improve communication between front desk and back office staff

It’s important that your whole team is on the same page, so communication is key.

Make use of a communication system that all members of your team have access to so there is no confusion about who needs to be doing what and no important information will be missed.

3. Arrange team building activities

Having team building exercises helps bond your team members and therefore improves your practice’s efficiency. Team building exercises can:

  • Help new employees feel welcome
  • Build trust between team members
  • Encourage team members to ask each other for help

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