It’s Time to Win Back Lapsed Patients


How hard do you think – is it to re-activate the patients, especially those who have been your great patients in the past?

Surely, getting these patients on board is an easy win, don’t you think so?

But it is quite surprising to know how little effort dental practices put into winning back those lapsed patients.

New research shows that it is 6 to 7 times costlier to acquire a new patient than it is to retain an existing one.

That’s quite exhausting!

exhaust of how to bring back patients

So, why not we look at ways to win back those lapsed patients?

All you need to do is design some tailored messages and get back to them. And trust us, it is well worth it!

Our latest campaign for reminding patients of their rebate (Medibank Private, BUPA and HCF), which ends on Dec 31st, performed really well. As a result, 17% of lapsed patients booked an appointment within 3 weeks.

Isn’t this GREAT?

With the festive season approaching, this is the perfect time for you to re-gain those long lost patients.

Now let’s get started!

Your marketing strategy includes targeting existing patients and lapsed patients who hadn’t booked any appointments in the last 18 months. The best thing you can start with is SMS Campaign – Just as simple as that!

So, the question is …are you making the most of it to generate more bookings during Nov – Dec?

Here are few campaigns to get you instantly started:

  1. Reminder for rebate end
  2. Gift voucher campaign
  3. Referral Campaign

At 360° Dental Marketing, we focus on not just driving NEW patients but also re-engaging with lapsed patients quickly and easily.

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