Less is more when it comes to website design

Less is more when it comes to website design

Think of your website like a supermarket. When you first walk in, you’re often looking for something specific, or are just happy to wander around and figure it out as you go. Either way, you need guidance. You need to be told not only where specific items are, but what you will find in each aisle. The same applies to website design. Your site visitors need to be given direction.

So, how do you guide your visitors around your website? At 360 Dental Marketing, we have learnt that the key factor of dental website design in Australia is white space! 

White space isn’t just a trend. Big beautiful fonts and captivating imagery displayed in a clean, and simple white space is all the rage right now. But you know what, it works for a reason. 

Let us head back into the supermarket, now imagining tightly packed, overflowing shelves, with very narrow aisles. There would be no room to move, and your attention would be entirely on trying to avoid bumping into every other customer in the store. You would likely forget half of your shopping list because you can’t focus, and leave feeling overwhelmed and dissatisfied. With poor dental website design, your potential patients will likely leave your site feeling exactly the same. 

Our dental website development team offers a full service Australia-wide, and we aim to drive high quality appointments your way. With effective use of white space, we create natural click-through pathways that prompt your patients to make that booking. 

Benefits of white space in website design

Not only does white space help guide patients from one element of your site to another, it also:

  • Increases readability and comprehension
  • Improves user experience
  • Looks professional and builds trust
  • Builds brand recognition

It is important to remember that balance is key. You don’t want to overload your site visitors with information, but you also don’t want them exiting prematurely. If you don’t find what you are looking for at the supermarket, what do you do? You put your basket back and you leave. Your site visitors will do the same. Giving your potential patients enough guidance without overloading them is a balancing act - and here at 360 Dental Marketing, we have a team of experts ready to help you. 
Regardless of what’s on your patient’s shopping lists, we offer top dental website design services across Australia. Call us to book your obligation-free consultation today!

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Ready to build your brand and generate quality appointments?

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