Australian Dental Association Victoria Branch (ADAVB)

Easy solution for oral health professionals to stay connected during the convention

About Project

ADAVB Convention App, was designed for an enhanced convention experience for the participants of convention held by The Australian Dental Association Victorian Branch (ADAVB). This App facilitated an up-to-date schedule of programmes, supported instant feedback system, creating a personalised experience.


Enhanced Attendee Experience:

The ADAVB convention app streamlined event information, including schedule, session details, speaker profiles, and venue maps, providing attendees with a convenient and user-friendly platform to plan their agenda, navigate the event, and make the most out of their experience.

Real-Time Updates:

With ADVB convention app, organisers can make real-time updates and announcements, ensuring attendees have access to the most current information on schedule changes, room assignments, and special announcements throughout the event.

Engagement and Interaction

Convention apps offer live polling, Q&A sessions, and surveys for enhanced attendee engagement and interaction during sessions, creating a dynamic and participatory event experience.


Convention apps enable attendees to customise their event experience through bookmarking sessions, personalised schedules, and recommendations based on interests, enhancing their ability to tailor the event to their preferences and needs.

Our Approach

Our team implemented a 360° campaign, which began with improving Maryborough Dental’s website. This involved updating the design and adding landing pages to improve readability and increase leads and conversions to 200 per month.

“Overall experience with VIS was great. The turnaround time for any changes we sent through was only a couple of hours and always on the same day. It was a pleasure dealing with all of the staff there at VIS and I would gladly do business with them again. At the end of the Convention they even helped me out compiling all of our feedback generated from the convention. Thank you VIS”
Colin Garland
Training and Event Specialist (ADAVB)

Google Ads

Our goal was to work on cost-effectiveness for Maryborough Dental’s Paid Search Ads. In the last month we were able to get amazing results with a cost of 32% less what the competition is paying. 

dental practice web design







Social Media Paid Results

Our Paid Social team has worked on sending our ads to the right audience. We improved the average clicks by X2 the amount our client received before hiring us at 360° Dental Marketing.

Increasing leads while reducing monthly cost by 82%

The number of enquiries has increased while reducing monthly cost by 82%


Organic SEO Leads


Google AdWords Leads

High Google Ranking

Our campaign is standing on 2nd position with the keyword “ Maryborough Dental Clinic.”
KeywordsPreviousCurrent month
Maryborough Dental Clinic2 (15th position)1 (2nd position)
Dentist Maryborough3 (32st position)1 (4th position)
Station Square Dental2(17th position)1 (5th position)
Maryborough Teeth Whitening3 (25th position)1 (5th position)

Facebook/Instagram Ads

Our Paid Social team has worked on sending our ads to the right audience. We improved the average clicks by X2 the amount our client received before hiring us at 360° Dental Marketing.

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