The Centre for Advanced Dentistry

Revamping C4AD from Plain to Premium

Project Mission

Founded by principal dentist Dr. Linda Steinberg, C4AD is a premium dental practice offering a range of dental services from general to high-end treatments such as orthodontics and veneers. With a commitment to quality care and personalised attention, C4AD has established a strong reputation as a trusted provider of dental services in their community.

While they had a strong clientele base, their main source of patients was through referrals and word of mouth. Our goal was to reposition their online presence to reflect their approachable, trustworthy and inviting in-clinic experience.

Their Challenges

Poor Branding

Their website was outdated and did not reflect who they are

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Outdated Content

Website content was not up-to-date with their offerings.

First Impression

The website did not match clinic’s elegance, modern technology.


Their old website was not search engine optimised

Our Goal

Our goal was to reposition their online presence to reflect their approachable trustworthy and inviting in-clinic experience. 

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The Journey

Website Design & Development Reflecting the Brand

The website was a standard Squarespace template lacking aesthetic appeal, and did not offer a user friendly experience. We started by creating a visually appealing and user-friendly website design that accurately reflected the clinic’s offline image. .

SEO Optimisation Building Trust

C4AD has a strong foothold in the community, but had a website that needed help. It was missing a Google Ads strategy, had disorganised content, and wasn’t optimised for search engines.

The photos on the site didn’t do the clinic justice and the overall look didn’t reflect the level of professionalism they bring to their work. We could see that the clinic’s founder recognized these issues and wanted to give their online presence a makeover. We took on the challenge of giving the clinic a website that would accurately represent them and their services. Our team made sure to optimise the content for search engines, making it both professional and SEO-friendly. We wanted to make sure that anyone searching for the clinic’s services could easily find them online. And of course, we made sure the content was Ahpra compliant too.

Navigation Redesigning the Patient Experience

C4AD’s website was outdated and failed to effectively represent the clinic and its values. The website was difficult to navigate, with pages and content that were not properly organised. As a result, the website did not effectively reach or appeal to the clinic’s desired demographic. Our team recognized the importance of modernising the website and improving its functionality to better serve C4AD’s needs and goals.

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Our design philosophy was characterised by a clean and crisp aesthetic, providing a clear and uncluttered structure making it easy for patients to navigate. We placed priority on user experience, ensuring that the website was user-friendly and provided a comfortable browsing experience for visitors

Content Management Building Engagement

Our team replaced existing content using professional photography to build trust and convey the clinic’s premium yet approachable image. The photographs used in the design were well-planned and complemented the content and services the client wanted to focus on. We optimised the website design, imagery, and content for better flow and navigation and targeted the desired demographic. A strategic combination of the clinic’s photography and stock footage was used to effectively communicate the desired message.

Dr Linda Steinberg


The team at 360 is just about to launch our new website and I am so excited. Shelina has made the whole experience very straight forward and stress free. The team is very professional, attentive and organised. Thank you Prabin, Shelina and Caitlin for taking my practice website to the next level.

The end result

The end result was a website that exuberated the premium yet trustworthy and inviting image of C4AD. The combination of professional photography and stock footage effectively communicated the clinic’s desired message and services. The website’s clean and decluttered design, along with its user-friendly structure, made it appealing to the desired demographics.

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