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"My recent 2 cases added around $60K to my revenue."

Jacobson Art


Jacobson Dental Group

Jacobson Dental Group is a state-of-the-art practice located in Bentleigh East. They are best known for their cosmetic dental treatments. Using advanced technology, they provide exceptional smile makeovers with minimal invasiveness and stunning results.

Principal Dentist, Dr Sigal Jacobson is highly regarded as a global industry expert in the field of dentistry as a Dentist, Inventor and Lecturer with 25 years of experience. She is recognised as one of the Top 25 Women in Dentistry (Dental Products Report Magazine, USA 2017) and is one of the few in Australia to be awarded fellowship in the prestigious American Academy of Dento-Facial Aesthetics.  of the few in Australia to

She is the inventor Uveneer and Paladex Kits –used by tens of thousands of dentists around the world. Her inventions have revolutionised the dental industry and are preferred by both dentists and patients.

Their Challenges

Jacobson Dental Group

Our Approach

Our team at 360° Dental Marketing implemented a “Done 4U Marketing” full service.

Before monetising, we recognised the importance of building a solid branding foundation to convey Jacobson Dental’s unique selling propositions. This ensured that Principal Dentist, Dr Sigal Jacobson’s high regard in the dental industry (as a dentist, lecturer and inventor of Uveneer & Paladex Kits) was strongly reflected.

Once the brand was established, we increased traffic and leads with the following:

This end-to-end strategy positioned Jacobson Dental group apart from its 7 other competitors within a 4km radius.

Solid Foundation

We started off by building a solid foundation – a website that is conversion-friendly and Google-friendly. We made sure that it was aesthetically pleasing but at the same time, was convenient for patients to book appointments, convenient for the team to measure the analytics and performance.

Before After

60 Online Appointments Within 1 Week

We recorded 60 online appointments within 1-week by strategically driving her online marketing channels.

Here is how we did it:

  • Google Ads: 10
  • Facebook/Instagram Ads: 15
  • Organic SEO: 35

Strategic Paid Ads for Better Conversion

Our in-house paid ads experts effectively used multi-channel ad strategy. We were able to successfully delivered 2x Results and 93% increment in conversion within 1-month period.

We achieved this massive results while maintaining the same ad budget.

Google Ads
Seo Result

Local SEO

Before we took this project, one of the major issues was that the previous website was nowhere to be found in Google.

Through the painstaking process, our dedicated SEO team were able to rank the new website from nowhere on google to the 1st page of Google – within 2-month period.

This helped increase the conversion rate by 54%, without the contribution of paid-ads.

Local Area Marketing

We believe in holistic marketing approach for our dental clients.

Therefore, our dental marketing experts combined online marketing with offline marketing for better and targeted reach. The results have been impressive and worthwhile.


Weekly Reporting System and Daily Cross-Team Communication

At 360° Dental Marketing, we measure and report progress every week to measure ROI and campaign’s efficiency on time. The success is also due to the way we have been working as a trusted external marketing department with Dr. Jacobson and her team so that all the enquiries are converted into appointments. 

Personal Branding Success to Position Dr. Sigal Jacobson as a
Premium Cosmetic Dentist in Melbourne

We make sure that the expertise and credibility are part of branding success. Therefore, we refreshed Dr. Sigal Jacobson’s branding to position her as the Top Cosmetic Dentist in Melbourne, and obvious choice for premium treatments.

Before After

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    They first worked on urgent issues fixing and then later full-on marketing for both my personal and practice brands. And ever since, there has been no turning back. I can see many times return on my investment each month. My recent 2 cases added around $60K to my revenue.

    They directly get in touch with my staff, working as one single team to make things happen. This has made my life so easy. They’re always there for me, willing to help in every possible way to grow my practice, they’re my trusted marketing advisors.
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    Dr. Sigal Jacobson

    Owner at Jacobson Dental Group | Inventor of Uveneer and Paladex Kits
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