Sales and Marketing for Dental Practice – Are They Necessary?


Most people know of the importance of creating an online presence for your dental practice. However, dental marketing is so much more than developing just a website.

It’s not enough for the website to just be there. Essentially, you need that extra push that will drive your patients and prospects to actually view that website and find out more information about your dental services. After all, if you spend thousands of dollars developing it, you’d want to make sure to get the most out of it. Here is where I discovered the importance of sales and marketing. 

For my first three years in business, I couldn’t quite figure out why it was taking so long to generate more leads through my website.

In 2010, I learnt that developing a good sales and marketing strategy works a lot more effectively than waiting around for your business to grow.

I like to say that sales and marketing is the “blood” of your dental practice. That means that everything you work for requires the support of your marketing campaign and your ability to sell your dental service.

Not only do you want to provide the best service to your patients, you want people to hear about your practice and know what dental services you have to offer. One can’t work without the other. Sales and marketing are effective in generating more leads and profits.

I’m now motivated to help other businesses achieve their marketing goals. However, I believe it’s most effective if you’re an expert, not only in marketing, but also in the field that you’re marketing for.

After meeting with Albert Gigl from MW PartnersSpecialist Dental Accountants, I started a 360° Dental Marketing. Most marketers say they can do it all, however what makes us different in the marketplace is that we specialise in marketing for dental practices. This includes providing content writers, social media strategists and video marketing, ensuring it comes from the perspective of an expert.

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