The Secret to Effective Communication with Patients – With Dr. Michael Sernik

Here’s a situation:
You are doing routine check-up on your patient and you happen to find that your patient has defect on amalgam.
You clearly see there’s a problem that needs to be treated, the amalgam has to be changed.

In such situation, you come into crossroads – whether to ask your patient to get it changed straight away. Or, more often than not, like most dentists do: hesitate to inform because you are afraid you might come off too pushy, trying to forcefully sell a service. And even worse, you might end up losing your patient.

Communication doesn’t have to be this hard! It’s all about how you send the right message.

“Educate, Don’t Impose”

Below is the video of The Communications Guru – Dr. Michael Sernik explaining you how grow your practice with minimal efforts:

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