Use it or Lose It

Time is money

It’s a busy time of the year for your patients and many dental practices notice a decrease in the number of bookings and appointments.

At 360° Dental Marketing, not only do we drive new patients, we also engage with existing patients and lapsed / inactive patients.

As 2019 comes to end, you need a successful strategy to encourage your last lot of appointments for the year and end the year on a high. Our leading campaigns and strategies prove to bring an influx of dental appointments to our clients before the year is up.

Our “Use It or Lose It” campaigns focus on utilising your patient’s dental health insurance before it expires at the end of each year. Our focus is putting your patient’s best interests first – encouraging them to trust and save money at your practice, and truly making your service about them.

Do you need a quick and effective strategy to get more dental appointments in the next two months? Do you want to end the year on a high?

Start looking at the opportunities around you.

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We guarantee an increase in appointments in just three months


We work with dentists in more than three major cities in Australia


We help you to rank #1 on Google by doing compreshive keyword research and a throuch SEO audit

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