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It goes without saying that the COVID-19 has wreaked havoc in many businesses globally, and dental practices are no exception.

Although the regulations have permitted practice owners to open and provide treatments being the frontline workers, this has certainly not been easy for the dental practice team and the owners.

Just as many other businesses, you and your patients have been forced to work under a high degree of uncertainty. The categories of ‘acceptable treatments’ follow the suit of the extremely volatile and sudden lockdowns and COVID rules.

It has not been easy for you. It has not been easy for your patients.

We see it every day, we understand it, and we feel this pain through the experiences of our clients.

We, at 360° Dental Marketing, are here to support you in every possible way to help you cope with these challenging times, so you can continue to support us all.

We are taking proactive measures to make sure our valued clients are not alone during these uncharted and testing times.

Here are some of the ways we are helping our clients strengthen their reputation, manage effective communication & appointments generation so they can give their best when it’s most needed.

1. Strengthening Brand’s Reliability

In times like these, we get a chance to pause, reflect and review the biggest assets for our clients – their practice and their personal brands.

We are determined to make the best out of this quiet time by putting every branding collateral under a microscope.

This means ensuring that their practice is trustworthy and the first choice in their local area.

We also understand that personal branding is an integral part of this process in strengthening reliability. And that is exactly why we are helping high-frequency professionals like you be seen, heard and trusted by positioning them as thought leaders, advocates and industry experts.

2. Communicating & Educating Patients

There’s no doubt that regulations have severely squeezed your number of appointments. We are helping our dental practice clients navigate this by retaining their new and existing patients. We are doing this by educating them about:

This helps in retaining the newly acquired prospects, reassuring the existing patients, and making sure the urgent and undelayable treatments are given prompt attention with careful procedures.

3. Informing & Updating Patients

With regulations changing so quickly, your patients can get confused about whether they can visit you (especially if they have an appointment coming up).

We have been keeping the patients informed with timely information on changes in restrictions, regulated treatments during each stage of lockdown, and updates on ease of restrictions.

This has also been helping relieve pressure from the receptionists, who are likely to receive an overload of calls and emails about the same queries.

4. Generating Emergency Appointments

We take a proactive approach to ensuring that the patients and prospects are well-informed and know what emergency treatments you are still open for.

This involves re-strategising the ad campaigns, according to the regulated treatments to attract existing patients, new patients, and prospects before they consider an alternative provider nearby.

This also means readjusting the ads budget to eliminate the risk of overspending during these tough times.

5. SEO

The beauty of organic SEO is that, unlike the paid ads, SEO  has little effect on the changes of restriction levels, and can be continued for targeted services, even while the tightest of the lockdowns are in place.

While their competitors may have put their SEO campaigns on hold due to uncertainties, we at 360° Dental Marketing are doubling up our efforts for our clients to rank their websites for major services and retain the already acquired top positions.

As SEO continues to rank well, your Google Ads budget reduces in the long run.

6. Proactive Technical Strategies:


The allowed treatment categories may change overnight with the change in restrictions. And we want to make sure that our clients are spending only on the reasonably predicted outcomes by running specific ads at a time.

This means promptly pausing high-end, unallowed treatments when the lockdowns are announced, and then subsequently spending on these ads only when there’s an announcement that practices will soon be allowed to take such cases.

Uniting forces with digital advancements

This situation has provided a unique opportunity for digital advancements in the Healthcare industry. And we want to make sure that our clients are on top of it, capitalising on them to multiply their efficiencies.

Today we stand shoulder to shoulder with the latest and the most effective handpicked technologies such as Podium, DentalMonitoring and SmileMate so that our clients can get the most out of these.

7. Being the Comforting Shoulder

We believe in a transformational relationship with our clients, although some of it might have started as transactional. Our clients are the heart of what we do every day, and we consider it our privilege to be the comforting shoulder and to lend an ear when needed during these challenging times.

This also means building an action plan together to ensure the practice and brand not just sustains but also progresses.

We tailor each communication that goes online to ensure their patients are confident and are at ease.

Our dental marketing services are in line with the latest AHPRA guidelines, which cover key sectors such as general treatments, cosmetic dentistry, restoring smiles, straightening smiles, and children’s dentistry.

While providing this support, we ensure the safety of our team members by adhering to the social distancing guidance provided by the government, and our COVID protocols.

If you need assistance during these challenging times, we’re here to HELP. 
Please  contact us  to find out how we can support your dental practice.

Committed to your dental practice success,
Prabin, Anisha and 360° DM Team

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