Who Says Dental Marketing Results are Not Measurable

Are you a dental practice owner using a marketing company that leaves you with more questions than answers?

Have you experienced any of the following issues with your dental marketing in Australia?

  • Entered into a marketing agreement but cannot explain exactly what you are paying for.
  • No tangible results or improvements months after signing up for marketing service.
  • Receive a plain marketing report monthly or quarterly with a list of confusing charts and jargon – and are still unsure about what is actually working for your practice.
  • You rarely (or never) hear from your marketer.
  • Your marketer doesn’t bother to check if the actual result is how it shows up on the analytics i.e if the button clicks translated to new appointments or calls.
  • Your marketer doesn’t give you detailed marketing data or results i.e what kinds of services patients are after online, the number of high-end and low-end dental treatments booked etc.
  • You feel stuck because you are locked into a long 12-month contract or risk losing your collateral  if you decide to part ways with your dental marketing company

If you’ve answered yes to any of the above, you’re probably starting to wonder if dental marketing results can even be quantified – or doubt the effectiveness of digital marketing for your dental practice. And we don’t blame you.

While dental marketing can truly make a positive, measurable difference to a practice – 

the major issue in all of the above circumstances is the dental marketing company and the strategists working on your brand.

We’ve unfortunately come across countless dental practice owners and dentistry professionals who have entered marketing agreements that leave them confused and wondering what they’re paying for.

What effective dental marketing in Australia should look like

Dental marketing, like all forms of marketing, should be a service that provides you with tangible results based on your practice goals. 

If you hire a dental marketing agency in Australia to take care of your digital strategy for you, you shouldn’t feel left in the dark about your marketing decisions. Your marketer should be consulting with you, working based on your needs and providing you with reports and results that you can understand and work with.

This is what we believe at 360° Dental Marketing and when it comes to providing a service for our dentistry clients, we make sure to practice what we preach.

The 360° Dental Marketing Difference: Why Choose Us

So why choose 360° Dental Marketing out of hundreds of other SEO dental marketing agencies in Australia for your branding and marketing? Here are some of the top reasons why our dentistry  clients have partnered with us:

1. We believe that what gets measured gets improved

At 360° Dental Marketing, you can say goodbye to all these troubles. We take the responsibility of dental practice marketing seriously and go above and beyond to ensure you are getting value. We believe in a win-win agreement.

2. No Lock-In Contracts: We want you to know exactly what you’re paying for

We are confident in what we do and the feedback from our clients that we don’t feel the need to lock new clients into a long term contract. We want to afford clients with the choice of staying with us because you want to – not because you have to.

3. Regular reporting and real-world results you can understand

We provide our clients with results and a weekly leads reporting system that looks like this:

Pictured: Samples of 360° Dental Marketing’s client reports.

We send out weekly reporting and get in touch with your team weekly – either practice owners, receptionists or practice managers who can give us actual data and an overview of enquiries and appointments received.

4. Strategy Meetings: We work with our clients

Our dental marketing services are aimed at meeting your unique practice goals, so it is essential for us to check in with our clients regularly. 

We do this with fortnightly or monthly meetings to go through the next action steps and ensure we have your approval and understanding.

5. We stay up to date with AHRPA guidelines

We are constantly staying up to date with the latest compliance and ethics standards. You can be assured that all our work is within AHPRA guidelines.

6. We offer marketing AND branding services

We are a full-service dental marketing agency in Australia. This means our clients benefit from getting all their digital marketing, website design and branding service in one place.

360° Dental Marketing: Australia-Wide Marketing Solutions For Dentists

Our Dental SEO marketing agency proudly services dentistry clients from all around Australia including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide.

To learn more about our dental marketing solutions, book a consultation with our dental marketing experts today.


We guarantee an increase in appointments in just three months


We work with dentists in more than three major cities in Australia


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