Why Can’t I See My Facebook Dental Ads Even Though They Are Live?

Whenever we do Facebook marketing for Sydney-, Melbourne-, Brisbane-, and Adelaide-based clients, we often hear the following question: ‘why can’t I see my Facebook ads on my profile?’ This means that, when they view their Facebook page, their ads do not appear among their posts. In this blog post, we will clarify that this is ‘business as usual’.

Wait… This is normal?

Yes. Facebook marketing in Melbourne  or  in Sydney, promotes via two strategies: boosted posts and ads. Boosted posts—or any sort of posts, for that matter—will appear on your Facebook page. Ads are a separate feature that you manage through Facebook Ads Manager.

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Facebook ads

The ads you create through Ads Manager are segmented to your target audience. Facebook’s algorithm will take users’ parameters into account—for example, age, gender, location, or interests—and send the ads to those more likely to click them. 

Ads may resemble posts, but they are separate entities. Whilst you can only publish a post once, an ad can ‘re-spawn’ again and again. 

Posts are not ads

Look closely at a Facebook post and you’ll notice it will be date- and time-stamped. This refers to the exact moment it was published to your profile. Ads, on the other hand, will have ‘Sponsored’ in place of these stamps. Rather than being posted to your profile at a specific time, they are scheduled to appear on users’ newsfeeds whenever they log in.

How do I view my ads?

The best way to view your ads is to revisit Facebook Ads Manager. From here, you can also view the results of your ad campaign, including performance, demographics, placement, and delivery. The best way to get your head around Facebook ads is to forget everything you know about posts. Rather than your profile, think of Ads Manager as your ‘home page’.

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