Why Consistency Matters in Dental Marketing

If you’re looking to grow your dental practice through marketing then, consistency is the key. What this means is, a successful dental marketing strategy takes consistency across collaterals into account.

Are you worried about which marketing channel would be perfect for your dental marketing campaign? Then, stop right there! Because you are in a completely wrong track and before you misinterpret us, let us clarify. Yes, marketing channels like Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn are very important parts of your marketing strategy but it doesn’t come close to the Consistency. Confused? Don’t be, we will clear them all through this article because we know the curious entrepreneur in you can’t wait to learn more about how to grow your dental practice.

So, let us start by explaining in what context is the word “consistency” being used in this article and there are three stages to it. (Stage I): Consistency in your brand positioning, (Stage II) Consistency in your patient communication, and lastly (Stage III) Consistency in promotions.

Consistency in brand positioning and its importance in taking your dental marketing to a whole new level:

So, what exactly does brand positioning mean?Well, it is a very self-justifying word itself, brand positioning is positioning your brand in your patients’ and prospects’ minds. May it be through your online or offline marketing collaterals.

The best way for you to do that is to understand your patients and when you consistently work towards updating your brand positioning as per that knowledge and it will start adding value to your patients overall experience. When you have a strong brand positioning, it elevates your patients’ perspective about you and makes you stand strong amongst your competitors. And this differentiating aspect of your dental practice makes it easier for you to get more referrals. 

Consistency in your patient communication brings you closer to your patients

Your patients may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel. So, have a conversation with your patients that makes them feel at ease. Dental practices often undervalue the impact of consistent communication with prospects and patients. If you think, your job is done just after you provide the dental services to your patients, then think again. Because you might have the most amazing dentists in Australia working for your business, but if don’t make an effort to better your patients’ communication experience with you then you lose business. Before you even ask us how, let us paint three different scenes:

Scene I: A patient sees your website or socials and enquires about the services you provide and you don’t reply timely, so they search for other dental practices. And just like that, you lost the opportunity.

Scene II: A patient sees your website or socials and inquires about the services you provide; you answer back their queries ASAP. They book an appointment; have their dental treatment and leave. But you don’t consistently follow up with them so, the next time they are in the need for a dental treatment they might or might not remember you.

Scene III: A patient sees your website or socials and inquires about the services you provide; you answer back their queries ASAP. They book an appointment; have their dental treatment and leave. You consistently follow up with them. And the next time they are in the need for the dental treatment they will definitely remember you;also there is a high chance that they will bereferring your dental clinic to their family and friends.

These three scenes aren’t fictional; these are the exact incidences that tend to happen. So, don’t make the mistakes mentioned in “Scene I” and “Scene II” and consistently follow up and communicate with your patients.

Get noticed through consistency in promotions:

Promotion is a very important tool for bringing in the revenue. And that remains true for every line of work, may it be movies, automobiles, or in this case a dental business. And there is a very simple explanation for this. That is, you need to hype people up into trusting you.

People don’t trust businesses easily and especially when it comes to their health and wellbeing. So, if you aim to be a known dental practice without promoting yourself then we are very sorry to inform you, the chances of that happening are slim to none. 

Your dental practice might be providing exceptional services. But a general public has no way of noticing all these amazing qualities about your practice unless you don’t promote yourself. So, it is crucial for your business to get noticed, which is only possible through consistent promotions.

We hope this article did its part in informing you about what dental marketing strategies your business needs to include for your business to bloom.

And if you liked this article, then stay connected with us and we promise to be back with more articles related to dental marketing.

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