Why Video Marketing is Effective for Dental Marketing


The sole purpose of marketing is to attract patients and to direct them to your clinic so capturing their attention is the focal point.

Studies show that the average attention span for people to be engaged in advertising has been reduced to 8 seconds. So, it’s crucial to grab their attention immediately and prompt them to book an appointment with you. What better way to do it is by posting exciting and motivating videos?

Video marketing is the latest trend in the marketing industry and it’s thanks to YouTube and other similar sites. They tell a story, grab attention and endeavor to create an emotional connection between you and the viewers.

Following this pattern during the past year, it’s evident that consumers have looked online for health information. There are millions of views on dental videos, doctor profiles, educational videos and even live procedures.

Viewers are curious about dental procedures and seek more information on how they work and what kind of results they can expect. Creating a video doesn’t require a great deal of complicated technical knowledge or high-end equipment to produce one.

Video marketing for dental business is very effective as it links you with audiences, attracts patients and boosts your brand.

A training, persuasive or instructive video can demonstrate to prospective new patients  about your practice, your viewpoint, and the services you have on offer.

Videos are very simple but a powerful way to promote your practice and let allows prospective patients to have an insight into your practice. It gives them a patient experience before visiting your practice

By posting the videos of dental services on offer aids the patient to become familiar with the dentist. This also assists in the marketing for potential patients as it gives them a sense of the doctor prior to making their choice.

Many people are intimated by dentists. For such patients nothing alleviates those fears more than reading patient testimonials. Making a video could feature the patients with different ages and backgrounds being treated in your practice. Videos that feature outcomes of dental procedures are a great idea for dentists as they are highly visible especially when a patient speaks, eats, or smiles.

Another technique is to engage the viewers with question and answer videos as they are entertaining and highlight your proficiency and show your personality. With the help of various social networking sites such as blogs, social networks and face to face encounters to solicit questions and answers, You Tube and other platforms such as Google Hangout offer very good opportunities to promote your practice.

Live procedure videos are becoming popular and can be found on the internet today. To broadcast a procedure live, it is very crucial to have a written agreement from your patient to allow you to post the video online.

Although the main objective of video marketing your dental service is to promote your brand and services, another area to focus on are informational videos. These can reach a wider audience as they are shared more on social media platforms which will help to grow your reputation as a thoughtful leader. It’s really the basics of content marketing—building your brand and increasing your audience by providing significant, valuable and educational content.

By explaining the procedures in simplistic terms, showing friendly images, and highlighting successful results, you can make the experience more comfortable for the nervous patient.

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