Google Ads VS Facebook Ads – Which one works better for Dental Marketing?

As Digital Marketing Company for Dentists, we receive several calls from clients asking whether they should invest their money on Facebook or Google to produce better results in the current scenario.

Asking this question would be the same as asking if we should choose salt OR pepper for cooking.

What this means, is that we should not think of digital platforms as competitors, where we have to choose one over the other, but understand that they both compliment each other and work as one in a digital marketing strategy. In this blog post, we will talk a little bit about how to get the most out of using Facebook Ads & Google Ads together.

Google Ads PLUS Facebook Ads

When we start building our digital marketing strategy, the key factor is to be consumer-focused and try to understand how potential buyers will later become clients (Buyer’s Journey).

Let’s say we start with teeth cleaning service, what would be the best way to start?

1. We should create Ads for people to get to know our company and what we sell (Branding)

Buyers nowadays are very well informed on the products they’re buying, so we should be able to follow the buyer’s journey all the steps of the way in order to provide them with the information they need.

Facebook Ads can play a great role in the first stage of the buyer’s journey. We have the power to create compelling banners where users will start to show interest or not.

But what happens with people who see the ad, do not click, but instead, they research our practice on Google? What should we do in that case?

2. We will need to use intent-based targeting (For example keywords)

What we are going to do here is create campaigns on Google Ads for users to find our practice or the teeth cleaning service in general.

What we have now is a list of people who were interested in cleaning their teeth and decided to visit our website. Some of the potential patients may have converted into patients, but others need a little more time and research. So, what can we do with the ones that haven’t converted?

3. We can use the information we have and remarket those leads

Now that we have a number of people that enter our website but didn’t convert, we can use that information to create remarketing campaigns back in Facebook Ads. We can try to persuade them with some discounts or promotional offers or just simply send another message for them to finally convert.

But that’s not all you can do with the information you have received. Facebook gives us the option to target similar people to the ones that visited our website, so maybe if those users didn’t convert, people similar to them might.

This roadmap shown here on how to create a digital marketing strategy from scratch, using Facebook Ads & Google Ads as complementary instead of competitors, is just one of the ways you can go.The most important thing is not to believe that we have to choose just one platform to advertise, but rather combine them to create a full digital marketing environment to convert your prospects into patients.

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