Looking To Reduce Your Dental Ads Budget By 15-20%?

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Looking To Reduce Your Dental Ads Budget By 15-20%?

There are a few different ways you can reduce your spend on your dental ads. Whether you are advertising on Google, Facebook or Instagram, here are some tips for reducing your budget:

Google Ads

  1. Use negative keywords
  2. Negative keywords are commonly overlooked but are a great way to avoid incurring a cost for unwanted traffic.

    Negative keywords are used to determine which users you do not want to serve your ad to, which saves you money. As an example if you are a Dental Marketing Company you might want to add negative key words such as “free” or “cheap” if your services are not these things. This ensures that people searching for these terms are not going to be shown your ad, therefore you are not wasting advertising money on people who are not your target market.

  3. A/B testing
  4. A/B testing is a good approach to determine what kind of advertisement is the most successful so you can make adjustments for your final ads and know that you are putting out ads which are going to be received well by consumers – therefore not wasting money on unsuccessful ads. Overtime you will learn a lot about the type of ads your target market resonates with, which will make the process even easier.

  5. Create an Ad Schedule
  6. Once you have been running Google Ads for a few months, you will have enough data to know what to focus on and to create an ad schedule. Google will generate detailed reports for you which highlight the days and hours your audience is the most active and converting the best. With this information you can create a schedule for your ads to only be visible during those times and therefore save money on your Google Ads.

  7. Location targeting
  8. Location targeting is especially important for dentists as most people do not travel for dental services. Therefore you only want to advertise to your local audience. As an example if you are Dental SEO company in Sydney, you want to advertise to those searching for “dental seo company Sydney” and use such keywords on your website. By doing this you avoid spending money on advertising to people who are not local to you – therefore people who are very unlikely to become a client of yours.

Facebook Ads

  1. Don’t make your ads look like ads
  2. You want your Facebook Ads to look as authentic as possible and this includes Facebook Ads for dentists. By making your ads look similar to something your friends or family would post or something you would post on your page that isn’t an ad, it seems more relatable and is more likely to be engaged with by your audience. Therefore, you won’t be wasting money on ads that your audience won’t engage with.

  3. Look for audience overlap
  4. It’s important to look for audience overlap using the Facebook Audience Overlap tool to reduce your spend on Facebook ads. If there is an overlap in audiences and you advertise to these two groups separately, you are spending unnecessary money on advertising to the same people more than once. When setting up your ad, you want to exclude the overlapping interest to save money.

  5. Use videos
  6. One of the biggest tips to lower your Facebook ads cost is to use videos. On average videos are 10% of the cost of carousel and single image ads. For video campaigns, you can pay between $0.15 to $0.50 per click. Whereas for single image ads it can be as high as $2.00. Videos can also be more engaging than images too which makes them more worth your money.

Instagram Ads

When it comes to reducing your Instagram ads cost, you can do a lot of what has already been mentioned such as A/B testing to see what kind of ad works better, use videos because they drive better engagement and conversions, and create an ad schedule to run your ads when your target audience is the most active. One other thing you can do to reduce your Instagram ads budget is:

  1. Create relevant landing destinations
  2. It’s important to build relevant landing pages and websites for your advertisements. When people click on your ad, you want the destination to be exactly what the advertisement promotes. For an example if your practice has an ad for root canal services, you want the ad to go directly to the root canal page of your website, not the general home page. This reduces the bounce rate from your website because it shows your audience exactly what they are looking for.

We understand how busy and stressful it can get to be a dentist or dental practice owner which is why we are here to help. If you don’t have the time or knowledge to work on reducing your advertising budget, let us do that for you!
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