Practice Growth Tip of the week: The 4 Pillars of Dental Marketing Success

Practice Growth Tip of the week: The 4 Pillars of Dental Marketing Success

Have you heard of the 4 Pillars to Dental Marketing Success? Do you know how this process can amplify your dental practice?

In this week live industry talk for the program Practice Growth Tip of the Week we are letting the secret out: The Four Pillars to Dental Marketing Success and this process can help you to discover new dental marketing strategies to optimise your dental practise, particularly in consideration to the impact of COVID-19 pandemic and the ongoing economic recession we are now facing as a result.

The program is Practice Growth Tip of the Week is designed to give business owners of dental practices weekly insights from industry professionals on how to grow their practice and succeed amongst the growing competition.

If you want real relationships with your clients, or patients start by understanding who they are, and their views on the world which are influenced by their; their demographic, physiographic, and physiographic, and geographic characteristics. For this week, our practice growth tip we are using the 4 Pillars of Dental Marketing Success to help us understand this better to get your dental practice to the next level.

The 4 Pillars of Dental Marketing Success

1. New Patients in The Existing Market

Several new patients, especially for a new dental practice are often sources through and after exploring new trends in the market. Insights from marketing research gives us a better understanding of who your target audience are, particularly through Local Area Marketing.

Local Area Marketing is a marketing approach where we deliver marketing and advertising content to the audience within a ten-kilometre (10 km) radius of the practice location, the most common way in achieving this is through firstly, Google Ads and Google Analytics and secondly through the social media platforms of Instagram, Facebook, Websites etc. This way we are sourcing locally acquired patients, who will then have a trusted local dentist practice in their area. 

2. Lapsed Patients

Lapsed Patients are lost patients, where the patient hasn’t been attending the practice for 14-18 months and thereafter, once 18-months have passed, they have then lapsed. According to research data, in a typical practice the number of lapsed patients that are recorded in the active patient list are on average, 20%. This could be, as our research suggests, as a result of a lack of database segmentation, where the content is being published but not properly delivered in a way that attracts patients. From recording such data, practice owners can gain a greater understanding of the patient’s trends and behaviours towards the practice and gain a greater insight into why these patients have or have not chosen them a preferred provider.

An idea to start reversing the impacts of your lapsed patients is: TO NOT WAIT. There is no better time than now to launch a new service, campaign or practice. Avoid waiting where it is possible, launch that campaign, post and schedule social media posts within periods of high activity, and track your numbers! A tip we saw from last weeks Practice Growth Tip of the Week #3 with Sue Rusalen from Talking Dental, who has spent 35+ years in the field of dentistry.

You can see in interview below:
3. Referral Patients

Patients who refer your practice are potentially the most valuable patients your practice can acquire. Research suggests that word-of-mouth marketing, through referrals, improves the trust in new patients and can drive new patients to your practice. This form of marketing can be improved and implemented through improving your customer journey in the practice, mentioning your wide range of services to your existing patients who are key in driving word-of-mouth and online referrals to your practice.

4. Existing Patients

Your existing patients are of course the most valuable customers to prioritise, not only to drive word-of-mouth marketing to prompt potential new patients to your practice, but to also acquire the patient’s whole family or household to become loyal patients to the practice. A way to improve your existing patients trust in the practise is by educating your patients on the importance of dental hygiene, educating them on the best service that is available for them and their required or desires treatment. It is important that your existing patient trusts your practice doctors to be reliable, resourceful and understanding.

Implementing all these four pillars above can promote your new or standing practice like you’ve never seen before!

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