What are the Dental Marketing Strategies During and Post COVID-19?

Dental Marketing Strategies During and Post COVID-19

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What are the Dental Marketing Strategies During and Post COVID-19?

Dental Marketing Strategies During and Post COVID-19

There’s no doubt that the dental industry has been highly impacted by the deadly coronavirus. But now that the National Cabinet approving the move to Level 1 restriction for dentistry this is a slight relief for you. But at the same time, it must be overwhelming for you in identifying where to focus your dental marketing efforts.

It must be overwhelming in a sense that:

  1. A large number of existing patients are reluctant to visit your clinic due to the coronavirus transmission fear
  2. You have opened your practice, but the number of new bookings has plummeted to an all-time low
  3. With situation and restriction levels changing every day, it is not easy to determine which services and strategies to focus on your dental marketing
  4. There is NO roadmap for your marketing strategy that will help you survive during this time, sustain, and thrive after the COVID-19

The worksheet below will serve as a roadmap for your marketing success to generate quality patients:

This worksheet is not a magic formula that will instantly grow your current number of bookings as it was before the pandemic outbreak.

The pandemic has already reset overall businesses. This means that for many businesses, there is a thin line between sustaining and getting bust. 

This sheet will help your practice:

Survive – while the restrictions are still in place.

Sustain – when the restrictions are slowly lifted off and your patients will slowly feel safe to visit your clinic.

Scale – when the situation bounces back to normal and your patients and prospects are not concerned with the coronavirus contamination risk and your focus is on thriving.

Here is the video that explains how to plan your Marketing, Technology, and Communication skills under each of these 3 Stages:


Survival Stage:


It is exactly the situation we are in right now. This means your existing patients are still having second thoughts on visiting your practice due to cross-contamination fear.

Here’s how you can act on this situation:

1. Reassuring Patients and Prospects:

This is the time to reassure them as well as tweak your marketing strategy to attract the local area.

The first thing is to reassure your patients and prospects that you have implemented proper measures to ensure that there is no cross-contamination risk.

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You can use different channels to communicate this message such as:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • SMS Marketing

2. Refining your Collateral:

This slow time is the perfect time to revise and revise your existing marketing collateral, as well as create new ones. This includes working on:

  • Conversion friendly website
  • Restructuring your existing offers to suit the current situation
  • Creating marketing blueprint for your current and future marketing needs
  • Restructuring your Google Ads strategies to suit the current situation
  • Refining your SEO strategies
  • Building  quality collateral for current and future use  - You can browse your options HERE

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3. Local Area Marketing:

Local area marketing is important more than ever in dentistry. In such a situation where people are willing to travel just locally, the easiest way to acquire new patients is to focus on your local community.

Sustainable Stage:


This is the stage where you will start seeing improvement in the number of your bookings. Your patients will feel more at ease to visit your clinic for more than just the emergency treatments.

Here are some strategies you can implement during this stage:

1. 90-Day Marketing and Communication Plan:

At 360 Dental Marketing, we believe in planning short-term for 90-days’ action plan. As by this time situation will be more or less stabilised, it will be safe to plan and keep along with it. 

2. New Offers and Tapping Inactive Patients:

You can create new offers such as cleaning and whitening at $$ price. Or perhaps offer well segmented for your New / Existing / and Lapsed Patients.

At 360° Dental Marketing, we help design and market highly converting offers such as:

  • New Patients’ Offer
  • Referral Marketing Campaign
  • Lapsed Patients Campaign
  • Accession Ladder Campaign

3. Aggressive and Strategic Ads:

As your patients and prospects will be more relaxed for their regular dental check-ups, treatments, and smile makeovers, it is the right time to aggressively dial up your Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

This does not mean just increasing your budget. If your marketing expert is strategic and skilled, he or she will definitely show you ways you can optimise your marketing budget to generate quality results.

If you are not satisfied with your existing Ads results, contact our Ads expert today.

4. Team Training:

To offer a great customer experience, your whole team has to be on sync. Our Dental Marketing Training Expert have decades of experience in their fields to uncover your team’s strengths and actively grow your dental practice.

Scalable Stage:


This is the phase where the market bounces back to normal and there’s no fear of the COVID-19 transmission. And this is when you resume your growth plans or perhaps re-create your practice growth plans.

Here are the few actions you can implement at this stage:

1. Patients’ Experience:

As the competition will be fierce, perhaps maybe more than before, you will have to level up your patients’ experience to gain a competitive edge.

The pandemic has caused the rise of teledentistry and automation in healthcare. And this is where the future of dentistry is. Therefore it is the right time to explore your options on how you could provide that convenience and WOW factor for your patients.

2. Referral Marketing Campaigns:

Your existing patients are your best advocates. By combining the best patients’ experience and Referral Marketing Campaign, you can easily attract more quality patients to your practice.

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3. Merger, Acquisition, and Tie-Ups:

This is where you want to focus on growing your practice. As your popularity and number of bookings will increase from the above-mentioned steps, this is the time where you want to focus on scaling your business.

This could mean either increasing the number of your dental chairs or opening up another chain on different locations or acquiring a new practice or even tie-ups with local businesses for better opportunities.

4. Tactical Marketing:

To attract high-valued quality patients, your marketing efforts should guide your patients and prospects from low-valued services like teeth whitening and check-ups to high-valued treatments like a smile makeover, Invisalign, etc. 

Your marketing needs to be tactical to guide your patients.

4. Dental Marketing Funnel:

You can take your patients and prospects to ascension ladder from low-value service to high-end ones through Dental Marketing Funnel.

To unlock your potential to add $200,000 additional revenue within 12-months, you can get started HERE

Hope this is a value to you.

If you are looking for an expert opinion on your current marketing strategies, or if you are looking for the trusted marketing service to increase the number of your bookings, book your 30-minute FREE Consultation HERE

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