What is the future of dentistry with virtual care and digital health in Post-Covid-19?


As the dental treatment procedure involves close face-to-face interaction with patients, dentistry remains one of the heavily hit industries worldwide during COVID-crisis. Virtual dentistry is a rapidly forming subset of telehealth, a field that already has a considerable impact on the health care industry. Recent advances have created new opportunities in the sector of virtual dentistry & changes in diverse technologies have created new tools for the practitioner. Undoubtedly it has offered to be an innovative solution in providing oral care.

Technologies that are currently available in the marketplace is rapidly beginning to change the dynamics of dental care delivery. Providing digital care has proven to be serviceable to treat patients while maintaining a safe distance during these unprecedented times. As teledentistry evolves, it is sure that it will offer new opportunities to improve the level of patient care and reshape current business models. Dental professionals have now begun to adapt to the “new normal” and curiosity has been rising up to know: 

What is the future of dentistry with virtual care and digital health in Post-Covid-19?

Fortunately, in this session, we have The Dental Communication Guru – Dr Michael Sernik – an experienced practice owner to clear some of these curiosities. Having worked with dentists in many countries’ Oral health professionals across many countries have paid thousands of dollars to hear Dr Sernik speak and be a part of his game-changing training program. 

Dr Sernik shared that there is going to be lots of opportunity coming up as now more than ever we have advanced technology in our fingertip. However, no one truly knows what future technologies will bring but a few things seem certain:

  1. Increased services & widened clinical skills
  2. Change in the dynamics of dental care delivery
  3.  New opportunities to improve the level of patient care & reshape current business models

1. Increased services & widened clinical skills

Virtual care is making a name for itself because it’s helping dental professionals perform specialty work providing the potential to reduce oral health disparities.

As we move, the industry is going to have an increase in the number of trainings online which is a great opportunity to increase service and widen clinical skills at the same time. Tele dentistry can also act as an educational tool for dental professionals. Dentists are going to make use of this platform to grow their skills in a relatively low cost which will also result in providing more services to patients virtually. Not only this, maintaining continuity of care to the extent possible can avoid additional negative consequences from delayed preventive, routine or chronic care.

Especially during these uncertain times, enhancing and increasing access to health care services through telehealth is widely viewed as one strategy to help reach patients in rural and underserved areas. Improved access to virtual dental care services can bring increased use of health care services. 

2. Change in the dynamics of dental care delivery

Digital health can help promote the integration of dentistry into the larger health-care system. It can help change the dynamics and concept that oral health is separate from overall health. 

The traditional way of delivering dental care will no longer work. As we move forward, video conference, sharing images and records among providers, and monitoring patients remotely will rapidly increase. 

This may result in increased participation of patients who are medically or socially vulnerable or who do not have ready access to providers. It also builds understanding between patient & provider at times when an in-person visit is not practical or feasible. In this way, there will be growth in dental care delivery, efficiency and gradually dentist will embrace new ways of working, new ways of engaging patients, & new ways of delivering well-being services. 

3. New opportunities to improve the level of patient care & reshape current business models

The pandemic has caused a rise in virtual care and automation in healthcare. And this is where the future of dentistry is. Therefore, it is the right time to explore your options on how you could provide that convenience and WOW factor for your patients.

Now it’s more than important to balance affordability and provide value in patient’s care. 

Reshaping the current business model by changing the way care is delivered with the right providers, at the right place, at the right time should be dental professionals’ priority. Reducing unnecessary services and focusing on value is essential for survival, sustainability & to scale your dental practice in a competitive market. 

This is the right time to analyse each part of the business model, innovate new action plans and make the right innovation because a lot of paradigms are going to change. The focus of dental professional should mainly be on unleashing underlying opportunities and making the best use of it.

 Begin innovating and reinventing your process ahead of time!

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