Collaborating with the Australian Dental Health Association


At 360 Dental Marketing, we’ve achieved many exciting things, but working with ADA has been the highlight. If you keep tabs on our industry, some of our following work examples may ring a bell! We were the app developers behind both the 2018 and 2022 iterations of the ADAVB Convention & Exhibition App, also taking part in all associated social media collaborations and promotional campaigns online. Over the years, we have attended many ADAVB and ADAX conventions, and this year, we even held our own booth. We’re always looking forward to our next collaboration opportunity.


ADAVB Convention App 2018

It’s no surprise that they called on us again to work our magic in 2022!

2018 was the year that the ADAVB Convention & Exhibition went paperless, ditching their map for an app. To substitute the regular event brochure, 360 Dental Marketing built the ADAVB Convention & Exhibition App from scratch. Although this app was an entirely new project—for both the ADAVB and ourselves—it was a huge success. It’s no surprise that they called on us again to work our magic in 2022!

Game-Changing Convention App

We wanted the ADAVB Convention & Exhibition App to make life easier for all event attendees.

To achieve this, we created a streamlined design that kept all information about the convention in one easy-to-access place. The app included information about the different speakers, the venue, sponsors, associated programs, and even nearby accommodation for those who had travelled a long way. To measure our success, we encouraged users to complete feedback forms about their experience using the app. With 539 forms submitted, this endeavour was very successful.

Colin Garland

Training and Event Specialist (ADAVB)

“Overall experience was great.The turnaround time for any changes we sent through was only a couple of hours and always on the same day. It was a pleasure dealing with all of the staff there and I would gladly do business with them again. At the end of the Convention thy even helped me out compiling all of our a feedback generated form the convention. Thank you 360 Dental Marketing.”

An Interview with Dr Katy Theodore

We brought along our cinematographer, Chris Magee, who took quality photos and videos of booth holders and ADAVB members. One of these people was Dr Katy Theodore: a passionate Policy & Research Manager at the Australian Dental Association Victorian Branch. Our director, Prabin Gautam, had the privilege of interviewing Katy about the work she does.

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