Collaborating with the Australian Dental Health Association


At 360 Dental Marketing, we’ve achieved many exciting things, but working with ADA has been the highlight. If you keep tabs on our industry, some of our following work examples may ring a bell! We were the app developers behind both the 2018 and 2022 iterations of the ADAVB Convention & Exhibition App, also taking part in all associated social media collaborations and promotional campaigns online. Over the years, we have attended many ADAVB and ADAX conventions, and this year, we even held our own booth. We’re always looking forward to our next collaboration opportunity.


ADAVB Convention App 2022

We went bigger and better, pulling out all the stops.

Following the success of the 2018 app, the ADAVB asked us back to create the app for their 2022 exhibition. From improving the aesthetic appeal to simplifying the icons, we created a more user-friendly experience than ever before. However, of all our features, the stand-out was the customisable calendar, which attendees could use to bookmark their must-see events.

Ada App

More Superior Convention App

A total of 528 users downloaded the app

Not only did it prove to be an invaluable organisational and navigational tool, but it also functioned as an alarm clock of sorts, sending a reminder 15 minutes prior to each bookmarked event. With this calendar, attendees could curate their own itinerary without the risk of anything slipping through the cracks. In total, 528 users downloaded the app, and 395 of these users registered for it. We received 367 feedback forms, which amounted to an overwhelmingly positive response.

Instructional Video for the App

Knowing that most of the ADAVB’s audience was from the older generation, we created an instructional video to ensure that everyone could access the app. The video, entitled 2022 ADAVB Exhibition & Convention App Walk-Thru, doubled as a great informative piece and promotional material for the event. You can find the Reel on our Instagram account! In the video, we walked users through the navigational basics of the ADAVB Exhibition & Convention App.

Our primary focus was the customisable calendar and showing users how to compile their personal itinerary. We also discussed how to access other features, such as the event floor plan and relevant videos. To develop the final script, we worked closely with the ADAVB’s communications team, and this informed how we shot and edited the final video. The video was a success, reading over 2,000 users via Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and email-based campaigns.

ADAVB x 360 Social Media Collaboration

Once we completed our video, it was time to reach out to ADAVB’s communications team. Because they knew what best made their audience tick, we needed their help to build an app campaign! Our strategy was to create Instagram Collab posts that would target both the ADAVB’s and 360 Dental Marketing’s audiences. We implemented social media strategies designed to boost engagement and impressions, creating all designs in line with the ADAVB’s brand guidelines.

An Interview with Dr Katy Theodore

We brought along our cinematographer, Chris Magee, who took quality photos and videos of booth holders and ADAVB members. One of these people was Dr Katy Theodore: a passionate Policy & Research Manager at the Australian Dental Association Victorian Branch. Our director, Prabin Gautam, had the privilege of interviewing Katy about the work she does.

See Video

Dr Katy Theodore - Giving back

Aside from her paid work in policy, advocacy, research, and health promotion at the ADAVB, Dr Katy co-chairs the Australian Health Foundation’s Victorian Branch: an organisation that coordinates volunteer dentists whose work assists people who cannot afford dental treatment. Katy is passionate about her pro bono work because it covers the ‘dental gap’: people who are ineligible for private care who also cannot afford public care. She loves advocating for issues that matter to dentists and sees much opportunity for bettering conditions for dentists and dental patients alike.

The 360 Team

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